Magento 2. Customize theme styles with Theme Editor feature.

by Peter D.

All Argento themes include Theme Editor. It allows for editing your Magento 2 template with ease. The Editor is a quick way to change styles, layout, buttons, fonts, colors with minimum CSS knowledge.

Theme Editor is located at Magento Admin > Stores > Configuration > Swissup > Themes Editor. To edit every separate Argento design, you have to select a required design (Home, Stripes, Force, Luxury, Mall, Essence, Flat, Pure 2). So you will get access to custom settings.

Here we show you possible elements available for customization by the Argento theme. They are common to all Argento designs.

Layout section

Right here you can:

  • Apply boxed, full-width, or standard page layouts
  • Specify body background for the page. Note: body’s background is covered by a page wrapper and it’s not visible. You have to limit max-width for the Page wrapper to be able to see the body background.
  • Limit the width of page content in the Content wrapper subsection

See the example

change magento 2 layout

Header section

To customize the header layout according to your demands, please use the Header Builder included in all Argento themes. In the Header Styles section below you may change the background and border values.

change magento 2 header layout

Footer section

The Footer section allows you to change the background, colors, and newsletter subscription form.

change magento 2 footer

Buttons section

Theme Editor allows for customizing the primary and secondary buttons colors of your theme. You can also use a separate subsection to customize the “Add to Cart” buttons.

change magento 2 button color

Fonts and Colors section

The section helps you to change font and color for page titles and block titles. It is possible to change the color of the final price on the product page.

change magento 2 fonts

Category Page section

To customize the catalog page layout according to your demands, please use the Category Page Builder included in all Argento themes.

Product page section

To customize the product page layout according to your demands, please use the Product Page Builder included in all Argento themes.

Additional CSS styles

add custom styles magento 2

Use this section to add any other specific styles.

Here you can see an example. On the left side, you can see the Stripes theme with default colors. Then on the right side, there is a customized color scheme.

add custom styles magento 2

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