Argento Theme Installation

Please select your Magento version to proceed.

Magento 2Magento 1

Prepare to install

Argento installation requires ssh to connect to your server and run commands. When connected to the server, navigate to the MAGENTO_ROOT directory.

MAGENTO_ROOT — is a path to magento folder. Ask your hosting, if you don't have it.

Clear cache, and enable maintenance mode:

chmod +x bin/magento && bin/magento cache:clean && bin/magento maintenance:enable

Register our packages repository

Register our private repository in your composer.json file. Open terminal and run the following commands:

composer config repositories.swissuplabs composer

Enter your credentials to gain access to this repository:

Please note, that you should replace all UPPERCASE words with your own values
composer config -a -g "DOMAIN" "IDENTITY_KEY"

Command line options

Option Description
DOMAIN Your site domain name. Must be activated from account page.

Identity key from the account page.

In case if you also a client of or, use multiple space seprated keys: "key1 key2 key3".

Install the package

Download the sources, enable modules, run upgrade scripts, and remove outdated files:

composer require swissup/argento-m2 &&\
bin/magento setup:upgrade &&\
rm -rf pub/static/_requirejs var/view_preprocessed pub/static/frontend/ pub/static/adminhtml/ generated/code/

If you use Production Mode you need to deploy static content and run di:compile command

bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy en_US &&\
bin/magento setup:di:compile

Activate Argento theme

Run theme installer in terminal:

bin/magento swissup:module:install --store=STORE_ID THEME_CODE IDENTITY_KEY

Command line options

Option Description
STORE_ID ID of the store to install theme to. Use 0 to install theme for All Stores. Or find correct ID using bin/magento store:list command.
THEME_CODE Code of the theme to install. Get it from the list below:
Theme Code
ArgentoEssence Swissup_ThemeFrontendArgentoEssence
ArgentoFlat Swissup_ThemeFrontendArgentoFlat
ArgentoForce Swissup_ThemeFrontendArgentoForce
ArgentoPure2 Swissup_ThemeFrontendArgentoPure2
ArgentoMall Swissup_ThemeFrontendArgentoMall
ArgentoLuxury Swissup_ThemeFrontendArgentoLuxury
ArgentoStripes Swissup_ThemeFrontendArgentoStripes
IDENTITY_KEY Your key from the account page.

Deploy sample data images

Sample images are located in ARGENTO_THEME/resources/media folder. Copy all contents of this folder into MAGENTO_ROOT/pub/media directory.

cp -R vendor/swissup/theme-frontend-argento-essence/resources/media/* pub/media/ &&\
cp -R vendor/swissup/theme-frontend-argento-flat/resources/media/* pub/media/ &&\
cp -R vendor/swissup/theme-frontend-argento-force/resources/media/* pub/media/ &&\
cp -R vendor/swissup/theme-frontend-argento-pure2/resources/media/* pub/media/ &&\
cp -R vendor/swissup/theme-frontend-argento-mall/resources/media/* pub/media/ &&\
cp -R vendor/swissup/theme-frontend-argento-luxury/resources/media/* pub/media/ &&\
cp -R vendor/swissup/theme-frontend-argento-stripes/resources/media/* pub/media/ &&\
cp -R vendor/swissup/module-amp/resources/media/* pub/media/ &&\
chmod -R 775 pub/media/easybanner pub/media/easyslide pub/media/highlight pub/media/wysiwyg

Install AMP

This step is optional. Skip it, if you don't need AMP version of your store.
bin/magento swissup:module:install --store=STORE_ID Swissup_Amp

Command line options

Option Description
STORE_ID ID of the store to install theme to. Use 0 to install theme for All Stores. Or find correct ID using bin/magento store:list command.

That’s all. Navigate to your store to check your new theme!

Disable maintenance mode:

bin/magento maintenance:disable

And check if everything works as expected:

Available in 7 multipurpose themes

Each theme will tell you a unique story with outstanding usability. Argento provides you with Stripes, Luxury, Argento, Flat, Force, Mall, and Pure 2.0 designs. Choose specific to your targeted group of clients and see the customer’s engagement is easier than ever.
Argento Stripes

Argento Stripes

Premium Magento electronics theme
Argento Force

Argento Force

Premium Magento sport theme
Argento Luxury

Argento Luxury

Premium Magento fashion theme
Argento Pure2

Argento Pure2

Clean Magento multipurpose theme
Argento Mall

Argento Mall

Magento electronics theme
Argento Essence

Argento Essence

Magento multipurpose theme
Argento Flat

Argento Flat

Clean Magento multipurpose theme
Argento Pure

Argento Pure

Clean Magento beauty theme

Prepare to install

Navigate to System > Tools > Compilation and disable compilation mode.
Navigate to System > Cache Management and disable cache.
Open your site in the browser. You should see your working site without any errors.
Create maintenance.flag file in MAGENTO_ROOT directory.
Open your site in the browser. You should see the maintenance mode message.

Upload sources and Install theme

Unpack Argento Theme archive into MAGENTO_ROOT directory of your server. When all files are unpacked — remove maintenance.flag file created in the first step.

Navigate to Admin > Templates Master > Modules. Find a Theme you want to install, click "Select" and select "Open Installer" option in the dropdown: Modules Grid

In the installer form you must enter your identity key, then select store, where you would like to install Argento Theme and press "Run" button.

In case if you didn't registered your domain yet, installer will tell you to do that via error message with a link to follow to accomplish this step.

That’s all. Navigate to your store to check your new theme!