Magento 2. Edit product page template with Product Page builder.

by Peter D.

In case you want to change the layout of the product detail page, you can use the Product Page builder of the Argento theme. The builder is a part of Theme Editor available for all Argento themes.

Please note that you can also change the Magento 2 page layout by creating a custom theme.

Well, to change the product page in Magento 2, you have to go Swissup - Theme editor and select a required template.

The Product Page builder is a set of options that make it easier to change the product tab's layout. You will be able to easily move the “Add to cart” form, set the position of image thumbnails, etc.

change magento 2 product page layout

Within a builder, you can change the values for:

  • Image thumbnails. You can choose up to 4 position values: horizontal, vertical, hidden, theme defined. This functionality is powered by the Lightbox Pro extension that comes in a package with an Argento theme.
  • “Add to cart” position. It is possible to put the form below the product image. Or you can move it back to its normal position.
  • Product tabs layout and position. This functionality is powered by the Easy Tabs extension that comes in a package with an Argento theme. The possible values for tabs position are theme defined, main content (under the product image and “add to cart” form blocks), Product Info Main (on the right side under “add to cart” form). When customizing Magento 2 product tabs layout, please select the value of Collapsed tabs (traditional layout), Expanded tabs, and Accordion.

With the product page builder, you can also change the Content width, set the width for the Media block, and change the width of the block with the main product details.

After making customizations, you can preview the new custom catalog page right in the admin.

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