Argento Updates

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Argento M2 1.22.4

24th of March 2021

  • Updated critical css styles in all themes.
  • Minor speed improvements to the header minicart dropdown.
  • Fixed jumping product image at product page while page is loading.
  • Fixed cookie wall blinks while page is loading.

Argento M2 1.22.3

17th of March 2021

  • Added Lite YouTube Embed to use instead of YouTube iframe
  • Reduced cumulative layout shift on homepage caused by slider
  • Reduced cumulative layout shift on category pages
  • Fixed wrong sticky menu positioning after page length change
  • Argento Mall: improved PageSpeed score: replaced video iframe on the homepage with Lite YouTube Embed
  • Argento Home: fixed visible scripts in product listing when MSRP enabled
  • Argento Luxury: fixed not-working customers also bought carousel inside tab

Extensions Updates

  • Ajax Pro — 1.5.19 (was 1.5.18)
    • Fixed slide cart js error on Magento 2.4.2
  • Ajax Search — 1.11.5 (was 1.11.4)
    • Fixed missing popular search terms in results and JS error when search terms returned from server
  • Attribute Pages — 1.3.7 (was 1.3.6)
    • Fixed error on non-existing urls when Swissup_Seo module is enabled
  • EasySlide — 1.6.12 (was 1.6.10)
    • Fixed GraphQL types
    • Added options “Center slide” and “Slide Max width”
    • Tweak for sizes setting in sliders to reduce CLS
  • Navigation Pro — 1.15.3 (was 1.15.2)
    • Added lazy loading attribute for hidden images
    • Removed unused variable
    • Removed wishlist block from Amazon Menu because it’s not working in 2.4.2
  • Pagespeed — 1.4.13 (was 1.4.12)
    • Updated lazy sizes js library
    • Added native lazy loading for images using loading=”lazy” attribute
    • Fixed wrapping into picture tag - add srcset, sizes to source tag from original image
    • Fixed not working css when critical is enabled in Magento 2.4.2
  • ProLabels — 1.5.18 (was 1.5.17)
    • Improved minification ability of JavaScript
  • Review Reminder — 1.1.9 (was 1.1.8)
    • Added reminder email unsubscribe feature
  • SEO Suite
    • Fixed missing modules icons when merge enabled
    • swissup/module-seo-templates — 1.5.19 (was 1.5.18)
      • Fixed “products” directive for category template
  • Sold Together — 1.7.10 (was 1.7.9)
    • Fixed items sort order at product edit form

Argento M2 1.22.2

26th of February 2021

  • Removed Paypal buttons in sticky tocart
  • Fixed not-working Paypal buttons at product page
  • Muted browser console messages from jQuery Migrate
  • Removed unnecessary Magento Ui requirements at storefront
  • Argento Force: fixed price styles in search results
  • Argento Home: improved styles and positioning for Paypal buttons at product page
  • Argento Mall and Stripes: fixed broken static content deploy when Ajaxsearch module disabled

Extensions Updates

  • Ajax Pro — 1.5.18 (was 1.5.16)
    • JS optimization: load the loader scripts only when needed and reduce the number of requires on initial load
    • Fixed floating cart js error on Magento 2.4.2
    • Fixed blocks without name warning in log
    • Fixed cyclic dependency in merged layout
  • Ajax Search — 1.11.4 (was 1.11.3)
    • JS optimization: require search loader only when needed
    • Load JS templates for search results only when used
    • Fixed getting the final price
    • Removed the root category from category filter
  • Askit — 1.9.4 (was 1.9.2)
    • Mageplaza_Blog module compatibility
    • Fixed JS error related to questions form component
    • Added Persian translation
  • Attribute Pages — 1.3.6 (was 1.3.5)
    • Fixed invalid sort order for the brands in lower case
  • EasySlide — 1.6.10 (was 1.6.9)
    • Fixed graphQL schema
  • Easybanners — 1.6.2 (was 1.6.1)
    • Added banner placeholder type for PWA integration
  • Highlight — 1.7.6 (was 1.7.5)
    • Product collections code refactoring
  • Navigation Pro — 1.15.2 (was 1.15.1)
    • JS optimization: require sticky script only when sticky menu is enabled
    • JS optimization: load some additional js only when interaction with menu starts
  • SEO Suite
    • swissup/module-seo-images — 1.3.9 (was 1.3.8)
      • Decode spec symbols in image filename - fixes missing images
    • swissup/module-seo-urls — 1.5.25 (was 1.5.24)
      • Define hard-coded filter only when AjaxLayeredNavigation module enabled
    • swissup/module-seo-templates — 1.5.18 (was 1.5.17)
      • Improved verification if entity metadata is empty and fixed typos in config
  • Sold Together — 1.7.9 (was 1.7.8)
    • Added graphQL query cache

Argento M1 1.15.1

18th of December 2020

  • Fixed js error when inline JS minification enabled in PageSpeed module.
  • EasyBanners: fixed missing class name on the banner when its inserted as widget.
  • SEO XML Sitemap: respect ‘Exclude CMS’ config; add homepage url to sitemap file.
  • Sold Together: fixed DDL statements are not allowed in transactions error.
  • Richsnippets: added option for Price Valid Until. Now it ca be dynamic date - offset from today.

Argento M1 1.15

24th of October 2019

  • Magento compatibility.
  • Fixed Highlight template to make it work with carousel with enabled cache.
  • Luxury theme: added rel=”nofollow” to wishlist link in header.

Modules fixes & improvements

  • Ajax Pro
    • Fixed add to compare/wishlist actions in Magento
  • AMP
    • Fixed add/remove item from wishlist when browsing CDN-cached version of the site (Magento compatibility)
    • Added styles for table caption and tables inside tabs
  • Ask It
    • Added config to sort questions by votes number
  • Attribute Pages
    • Page Title field is now used for H1 tag only (previously, it was used for meta title too)
    • Added ability to set meta title using xml_layout_update field
  • Easybanner
    • Added compatibility with lazy image loading feature of PageSpeed module
  • EasyTabs
    • Added integration with AMP module
  • GDPR
    • Fixed php warning about addcslashes parameter
  • Highlight
    • Fixed broken carousel when Magento cache is enabled
    • Added missing SlickCarousel dependency
    • Fixed “Item with ID already exists” at stores with multiple stocks
  • Pagespeed
    • Fixed not working ‘ignore’ config option
    • Improve offset logic for mobile devices
  • Pro Labels
    • Remove limit from label styles and label text length
    • Do not show system labels for all stores when it’s enabled only for one
  • Review Reminder
    • Added store view column to grid
    • Order number added in grid and info tab
    • Added config to disable reminders for guests
    • Fixed grouped products review link
  • SEO Suite
    • XML Sitemap - Improved image generating for big catalogs
  • Testimonials
    • Added config option to disable/enable customer profile picture
    • Separate options for testimonials list and form
    • Added config option - min length for testimonial at frontend

Argento M1 1.14

25 May 2019


  • Fixed ghost scrolling to the top when sticky header is used.
  • Prevent horizontal scrollbar when resizing window with sticky header.
  • RTL styles improved.
  • Minor improvements for AskIt and Testimonials.

Extensions Updates


  • New feature to remove tag or attribute for AMP variant of the page. Use ‘data-tmamp-remove’ attribute.
  • Prevent duplicates in ‘amphtml’ url on configurable product pages.


  • Added config option to enable/disable history saving.


  • Remove chunk name (full action name) from merged file. It reduces disk space usage and reuses already generated files.
  • Improve HTML parse to prevent messing up page.

SEO Suite

  • Rich Snippets: solve latest Google warnings; new config option to map product structured data with product attributes.
  • XML Sitemap: prevent duplicate alternate locales.