Argento Updates

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Argento M2 1.22.0

23th of December 2020

  • Elements pages and styles added to Stripes and Luxury designs
  • Added less variables for footer bottom links
  • Added logos for transactional emails
  • Fixed an error in the related block on product pages
  • Added GDPR for review reminder module
  • Argento Essence: homepage tabs now built with EasyTabs widget
  • Argento Pure: removed base64 image backgrounds
  • Argento Force: added copyright in the footer, Navigation Pro style fixes
  • Argento Home: improved styles for different tabs layouts

Extensions Updates

  • Ajax Pro — 1.5.15 (was 1.5.14)
    • Fixed add to cart when flat catalog enabled
  • Ajax Search — 1.10.0 (was 1.9.10)
    • GraphQL support added
  • AMP — 1.4.8 (was 1.4.6)
    • Added custom styles field in module configuration
  • Askit — 1.9.1 (was 1.9.0)
    • Ajax questions listing improvements
  • Attribute Pages — 1.3.3 (was 1.3.2)
    • Fixed ‘Default Category’ page title when using third-party modules or themes
  • Easytabs — 1.9.5 (was 1.9.4)
    • Added Page Builder for html tabs
  • Highlight — 1.7.3 (was 1.6.6)
    • Added ability to set description and meta tags for highlight pages
    • Fixed carousel styles when widget isn’t magazine
    • Fixed wrong items count for bestsellers at Magento 2.4.x
  • Lightbox Pro — 1.3.1 (was 1.3.0)
    • Fixed broken gallery widget on Magento 2.4.1
  • Navigation Pro — 1.15.0 (was 1.14.14)
    • New Slideout Menu variation added: Stackable Slideout Menu
    • Code and style fixes
  • ProLabels — 1.5.16 (was 1.5.14)
    • Improved module stability: prevent array_flip warning
    • Fixed possible JS Error: cannot find template
  • Sold Together — 1.7.7 (was 1.7.6)
    • Further ADA related improvement - better ScreenReader experience
    • Don’t render “Frequently bought together” block when it is disabled or empty
  • Testimonials — 1.2.15 (was 1.2.14)
    • Slider widget improvements

Argento M2 1.21.0

27th of November 2020

  • Configurable header in theme editor added to all themes.
  • Completed migration for all themes from Slick Carousel to Swiper.
  • Fixed sticky top menu jumps to bottom of the page during scroll. Such issue occured when page length increased (via ajax or any other javascript).
  • Fixed translation for Related products sidebar title.
  • Improved animation for navigation at RTL stores on mobile devices.
  • Overall improvements for CSS and JavaScript

Extensions Updates

  • Ajax Pro — 1.5.14 (was 1.5.13)
    • Fixes floating cart.
  • AMP — 1.4.6 (was 1.4.5)
    • Added contact us page support.
    • Added config to exclude URLs from AMP.
    • Use the latest FontAwesome version.
    • Disabled GDPR form validation on AMP.
  • Attribute Pages — 1.3.2 (was 1.2.7)
    • Layered Navigation support added. (If you don’t need it for your brand pages, you can disable it at attribute page settings.) Tested on:
      • Magento_LayeredNavigation
      • Swissup_AjaxlayeredNavigation
      • Amasty_Shopby
    • New “Short Description” field added for option pages. It may be enabled in “Attributepages: Product Option” widget to show option description at product page.
    • Added ability to apply additional filters for product list at Option-based pages. This feature allows to create Brand Page filtered by several attributes: “Red Adidas Shoes”, “Small Burberry Dresses”, etc.
    • Added ability to use placeholders for Option-based page title: “Red {{var option.label}} Shoes”, “Small {{var option.label}} Dresses”, etc.
    • Added ability to sort brands manually, using sort_order field. Previously brands was sorted aphabetically only.
    • Performance improvements when rendering options list.
    • Full Page Cache is now automatically invalidates corresonding brand page, when some change is made in backend.
    • Breadcrumbs is now using “Title” field. Previously “Page Title” was used, which wasn’t intended.
    • Brands slider is now using Swiper library instead of SlickCarousel.
    • “Title” and “Layout” columns in backend grid are hidden now by default. You can still show them via “Columns” menu above the grid.
    • Added mass status action to backend grids.
    • Fixed not working search in backend grids.
  • EasySlide — 1.6.8 (was 1.6.4)
    • Fix for Argento Force theme - fixed not centered slides in homepage slider.
    • Implement IdentityInterface for slider block. Now you don’t need to flush FPC after slider change in Magento Admin. Frontend updated by itself.
    • Show disabled state on disabled slides in Magento Admin.
    • Add action to duplicate existing sliders in Magento Admin.
    • Fixed slider behavior when thumbnails enabled and effect is ‘Cude’/’Flip’.
    • New option in edit slider interface - “Responsive breakpoints”. It allows to change slides per view on different screen width.
    • Fixed not working search by keyword.
  • Easybanners — 1.6.0 (was 1.5.11)
    • Added ability to set different banner size per screen size. This feature allows to improve pagespeed score when properly configured.
    • Fixed black background when background setting is not correct. White background will be used in such case.
    • Fixed php error on banner save after image was uploaded in Magento 2.4.1.
  • Easy Catalog Images — 1.4.12 (was 1.4.11)
    • Do not modify category layout via layout.xml.
    • Do not output subcategories block on root category (Attribute Pages compatibility).
    • Widget now can be added using backend widget interface. Previously, block was not displayed if added in such a way.
  • Easytabs — 1.9.4 (was 1.9.3)
    • Fixed “Your session has expired” error message when ajax tab has product listing.
  • GDPR - 1.3.16 (was 1.3.11)
    • Fixed missing GDPR checkboxes on customer registration page when Swissup_CustomerFields is enabled.
    • Fixed blocked google analytics cookies when Magento_GoogleAnalytics module is enabled in runtime via third-party plugin.
    • Improved frontend performance when a bunch of cookies are blocked. Previously GDPR module sent a request per each cookie. Now, all cookie names will be merged into a single request.
    • Fixed margin for newsletter consent at RTL locales.
    • Fixed possible disappeared message after add to cart. It prevents magneto from updating customer sections after registring unknown cookie.
    • Decrease number of ajax requests if some module write cookies multiple times.
  • Highlight — 1.6.6 (was 1.6.4)
    • Replaced slick carousel with swiper.
  • Lightbox Pro — 1.3.0 (was 1.2.13)
    • New “Masonry” template for the gallery widget.
  • NavigationPro — 1.14.14 (was 1.14.11)
    • Fixed synchronization of the new top level category to the departments submenu.
    • Fixed invalid url to CMS pages - slash at the end of url is not used in 2.4. From now, to generate url with trailing slash admin must add it to the item url in backend.
    • Allow to disable block cache via XML layout for top menu.
  • Pagespeed — 1.4.12 (was 1.4.11)
    • Add –with-custom, –with-product options to ImagesResizeCommand.
    • Advanced bundling improvement - better file resolving when minify js is enabled.
  • ProLabels — 1.5.14 (was 1.5.11)
    • PHP error for manual label save after image upload in Magento 2.4.1
    • Fixed incorrect stock qty for stock label. Latest MSI compatibility.
    • Fixed for discount percent and discount amount for Bundle product.
    • Minor ADA compatibility fix.
  • Sold Together — 1.7.6 (was 1.6.14)
    • Added support for configurable products in “Frequently Bought Together” and “Customers Also Bought” blocks.
    • New config options “Product Types to Display” for both blocks. You can choose what types of products you want to see in “Frequently Bought Together” and “Customers Also Bought” blocks.
    • ADA compliant fixes and templates refactoring.
  • Testimonials — 1.2.14 (was 1.2.12)
    • Replaced slick carousel with swiper.
    • Fixed php error when saving testimonial with uploading image in Magento 2.4.1 backend.
    • Added image width and height parameters in slider widget.
  • SEO Suite
    • swissup/module-rich-snippets — 1.4.11 (was 1.4.10)
      • “Price Valid Until” can be dynamic date - offset from today.
    • swissup/module-seo-canonical — 1.0.8 (was 1.0.7)
      • Fixed incoppert canonical URL for product when its parent is disabled.
    • swissup/module-seo-core — 1.2.5 (was 1.2.4)
      • PHP 7.4 compatibility fix - deprecated passing glue string after array with implode.
    • swissup/module-seo-images — 1.3.7 (was 1.3.6)
      • Improve module stability. Prevent DB exception - integrity constraint violation.
    • swissup/module-seo-urls — 1.5.22 (was 1.5.20)
      • Fixed filter urls with other storeview code at catalog search page.

Argento M2 1.20.1

19th of October 2020

  • Compatibility with Magento 2.3.6 and Magento 2.4.1.
  • Fixed system.log WARNING about broken reference at different themes. Occurs when catgory page or product page layout is changed to 1column via theme editor. But some blocks added to sidebar in original XML layout.
  • Overall styles for small pages like customer login, advanced search, forgotpassword etc.
  • We started to replace Slick Carousel with Swiper. It will help to reduce number of third-party JS libraries and replace some pure HTML with Magento 2 widgets. Currently we updtaed brands sliders at Argento Stripes and Argento Force. Now theye are widgest of EasySlide module. So you can modifies those sliders via EasySlide admin interface.

Extensions Updates

  • Ajax Pro — 1.5.13 (was 1.5.12)
    • Improvements for quick view feature.
  • Ajax Search — 1.9.10 (was 1.9.9)
    • Integration with our new Pagebuilder module.
  • Askit — 1.9.0 (was 1.8.4)
    • Server side code tweaks and improvements.
  • EasySlide — 1.6.4 (was 1.6.0)
    • Integration with our new Pagebuilder module.
    • New option to show multiple sliders per view (with breakpoints where you can setr different slides number for different screen sizes). This option used to create brand sliders for Argento Force and Argento Stripes.
    • Fixed not working search by keyword at sliders grid in Magento Admin.
  • Easybanners — 1.5.11 (was 1.5.8)
    • Few minor fixes and integration with our Pagebuilder.

Argento M1 1.15.1

18th of December 2020

  • Fixed js error when inline JS minification enabled in PageSpeed module.
  • EasyBanners: fixed missing class name on the banner when its inserted as widget.
  • SEO XML Sitemap: respect ‘Exclude CMS’ config; add homepage url to sitemap file.
  • Sold Together: fixed DDL statements are not allowed in transactions error.
  • Richsnippets: added option for Price Valid Until. Now it ca be dynamic date - offset from today.

Argento M1 1.15

24th of October 2019

  • Magento compatibility.
  • Fixed Highlight template to make it work with carousel with enabled cache.
  • Luxury theme: added rel=”nofollow” to wishlist link in header.

Modules fixes & improvements

  • Ajax Pro
    • Fixed add to compare/wishlist actions in Magento
  • AMP
    • Fixed add/remove item from wishlist when browsing CDN-cached version of the site (Magento compatibility)
    • Added styles for table caption and tables inside tabs
  • Ask It
    • Added config to sort questions by votes number
  • Attribute Pages
    • Page Title field is now used for H1 tag only (previously, it was used for meta title too)
    • Added ability to set meta title using xml_layout_update field
  • Easybanner
    • Added compatibility with lazy image loading feature of PageSpeed module
  • EasyTabs
    • Added integration with AMP module
  • GDPR
    • Fixed php warning about addcslashes parameter
  • Highlight
    • Fixed broken carousel when Magento cache is enabled
    • Added missing SlickCarousel dependency
    • Fixed “Item with ID already exists” at stores with multiple stocks
  • Pagespeed
    • Fixed not working ‘ignore’ config option
    • Improve offset logic for mobile devices
  • Pro Labels
    • Remove limit from label styles and label text length
    • Do not show system labels for all stores when it’s enabled only for one
  • Review Reminder
    • Added store view column to grid
    • Order number added in grid and info tab
    • Added config to disable reminders for guests
    • Fixed grouped products review link
  • SEO Suite
    • XML Sitemap - Improved image generating for big catalogs
  • Testimonials
    • Added config option to disable/enable customer profile picture
    • Separate options for testimonials list and form
    • Added config option - min length for testimonial at frontend

Argento M1 1.14

25 May 2019


  • Fixed ghost scrolling to the top when sticky header is used.
  • Prevent horizontal scrollbar when resizing window with sticky header.
  • RTL styles improved.
  • Minor improvements for AskIt and Testimonials.

Extensions Updates


  • New feature to remove tag or attribute for AMP variant of the page. Use ‘data-tmamp-remove’ attribute.
  • Prevent duplicates in ‘amphtml’ url on configurable product pages.


  • Added config option to enable/disable history saving.


  • Remove chunk name (full action name) from merged file. It reduces disk space usage and reuses already generated files.
  • Improve HTML parse to prevent messing up page.

SEO Suite

  • Rich Snippets: solve latest Google warnings; new config option to map product structured data with product attributes.
  • XML Sitemap: prevent duplicate alternate locales.