Argento Updates

Magento 2Magento 1

Argento M2 1.10.0

2 May 2019


  • Clean configurable checkout styles — This improvement will increase conversion rate and overall customer experience when browsing your store.
  • Refined compare toolbar — Now it doesn’t take a space in the header and remains visible on mobile devices.
  • Conditional tabs in EasyTabs module.
  • Refined ‘Scroll to Top’ button styles.
  • Small CSS fixes and improvements.
  • RTL style fixes.
  • ArgentoEssence:
    • Fixed ability to change columns count in EasyCatalogImages widget on the homepage.
  • ArgentoLuxury:
    • Alternative logo option moved to the default Magento’s logo option page: Content > Design > Configuration.
  • ArgentoStripes:
    • Added ability to show quantity field at the product page.
    • Improved styles of contacts page.
    • Fixed missing “Recently Viewed” block.
  • Custom Themes:
    • Fixed CSS and alternative logo issues in custom themes that are inherited from Luxury theme.

Extensions Updates


  • Fixed css issue with argento ‘compare products’ toolbar
  • RTL fixes for floating cart mode
  • Fixed ‘Delete item’ confirmation popup behind overlay


  • Added ability to show ‘Popular Search Terms’ when focusing empty search field (See Stores > Configuration > Swissup > Ajaxsearch > Popular Search Terms Suggestions options.)
  • Small JS and CSS fixes


  • FPC compatibility fixes
  • Fixed cache issue with navigation block


  • CSS improvements


  • Fix delete image for store view. Previously it was not possible to remove image assigned to store view.
  • Improve compatibility with Magento 2.2.0.


  • Fixed warning in logs about missing .map source file


  • New feature - conditions for tabs. Now it is possible to show tab when customer is signed in or when product has some attribute value.
  • Improved stability when there is tab for some third-party module but module is disabled or removed.


  • Improve CSS for custom button.
  • Fix not initialized like buttons. Update Facebook SDK.


  • Fixed missing title image in magazine layout
  • Fixed invalid currency code when cache is enabled


  • Fixed Vimeo video on product page


  • Fixed structured data error for grouped and bundle products - offerCount can’t be empty.
  • Compatibility with PHP 7.2.


  • Fixed image resize when height is empty

Argento M2 1.9.1

29 March 2019


  • Magento 2.3.1 compatibility update
  • Small CSS improvements for RTL languages

Extensions Updates


  • Fixed static content deployment on Magento 2.3 (There was an error about missing swatches.less file)


  • Fixed possible XSS vulnerability
  • Fixes for RTL styles
  • Style improvements in search dropdowns


  • Magento 2.3.1 compatibility (Fixed missing tabs at product page)
  • New customization abilities added


  • Magento 2.3.1 compatibility (Fixed broken backend form)
  • Added ability to start slider from random slide


  • Fixed mysql error on client consents page when table prefixes are used


  • Fixed broken html markup when product name has special symbols in the name
  • Removed invalid ‘srcset’ attribute


  • Magento 2.3.1 compatibility (Fixed horizontal scrollbar)
  • Fixed invalid breadcrumbs when multiple menu’s found on the same page


  • Magento 2.3 compatibility (Fixed broken file uploader)


  • RTL styles added


  • Magento 2.3 compatibility (Fixed broken file uploader)

Argento M2 1.9.0

26 February 2019


  • Quantity Switcher module added.
  • 8 New badges added to ProLabels module.
  • Fixed empty mobile navigation sidebar in Luxury design in Safari browser.
  • Fixed product gallery styles for RTL locales.
  • Fixed footer overlapping issue in IE11.
  • Fixed header styles in Flat design for medium screens.
  • Fixed broken editor in custom CSS field when js minification is enabled.
  • Fixed incorrect markup in product image in AMP site version.
  • Fixed incorrect canonical URL for homepage.

Extensions Updates


  • Added ability to disable directly from module configuration.


  • Added ability to write response in with html tags (for Admin users only)

Small fixes in AjaxPro, AMP, Askit, EasyCatalogImages, NavigationPro, Highlight, RichSnippets, Testimonials, Suggestpage, and SeoCrossLinks modules.

Argento M1 1.13

26 February 2019


  • New option for Luxury design - enable/disable transparent header for homepage.
  • Improved RTL styles for Luxury and Essence design.
  • Optimize menu sticking for Flat design. Reduce JavaScript resource consumption.
  • Improved compatibility with PHP 7.2.

Extensions Updates

Ajax Pro

  • Improve handling of Magento messages after adding product to cart when Stock Inventory is enabled.

Ask It

  • Add plain text section to email templates to improve emails quality.
  • Few minor improvements to frontend templates (simplify layout and render elements only when it is necessary).


  • Fixed slow scrolling performance in Chrome when fixed banners are shown.

Navigation Pro

  • Fix page jumping on scroll at mobile devices when nowrap feature for menu is enabled.


  • Improved compatibility with AMP and others third-party extensions.

Pro Labels

  • Fix Integrity constraint violation error for manual labels when Customer Groups filter is enabled.

SEO Suite

  • Metadata templates - improve module stability during metadata generation.
  • Rich Snippets - don’t add social links to organization snippet when there is no values in social links.
  • HTML Sitemap - add canonical URL to sitemap page.

Argento M1 1.12

5 November 2018


  • Overall themes and extension stability improvements (AjaxPro, EasyTabs, Highlight).

Extensions Updates


  • Fix empty customer new in email.


  • Fix missing conditions on 2nd level in product tabs.


  • Fix broken gallery widget.

SEO Suite:

  • Rich Snippets - fix validation error “id is null” at product page.
  • HTML Sitemap - show only enabled CMS pages in sitemap.


  • Fixed rating stars validation.

Argento M1 1.11

10 August 2018


  • We added fantastic option to stick product image and/or product details at product page for every theme . Read more at Product Page configuration.

    Sticky product image example

  • New feature to change produt image layout at product page. You can have default (old-school) layout or fancy mobile-friendly slider.

Major modules changes


  • Update deprecated mustache library to the version 0.2.


  • Improved compatibility with old php versions.
  • Added missing translations.

Lightbox Pro:

  • New option for product page image. You can select between default layout with thumbnails and slider with all images.
  • Overall code improvements.