Argento updates


Magento 1 compatible branch

Magento 2 compatible branch

Argento M1 1.12

5th November 2018

  • PageSpeed extension included into Argento package.

Overall themes and extension stability improvements (AjaxPro, EasyTabs, Highlight).

  • AskIt:
    • Fix empty customer new in email.
  • EasyTabs:
    • Fix missing conditions on 2nd level in product tabs.
  • LightboxPro:
    • Fix broken gallery widget.
  • SEO Suite:
    • Rich Snippets - fix validation error “id is null” at product page.
    • HTML Sitemap - show only enabled CMS pages in sitemap.
  • Testimonials:
    • Fixed rating stars validation.

Argento M1 1.11

10th August 2018

  • We added fantastic option to stick product image and/or product details at product page for every theme . Read more at Product Page configuration. Sticky product image example

  • New feature to change produt image layout at product page. You can have default (old-school) layout or fancy mobile-friendly slider.

Major modules changes

  • AMP:
    • Update deprecated mustache library to the version 0.2.
  • GDPR:
    • Improved compatibility with old php versions.
    • Added missing translations.
  • Lightbox Pro:
    • New option for product page image. You can select between default layout with thumbnails and slider with all images.
    • Overall code improvements.

Argento M1 1.10

21th June 2018

  • New highly in demand GDPR module is included in Argento package. Read more about this module at our documentaion site.
  • Fix duplicated H1 element in header of Luxury theme.
  • Luxury theme supports FontAwesom icons.
  • RTL support for Flat theme.
  • Improved compatibility with Magento 1.7.x.
  • Minor CSS improvements.
  • Improved source code of included modules (use of unified image uploader from TM Core in admin interfaces).

Major modules changes

  • Attribute Pages:
    • Fixed error when page identifier is entered in invalid registry.
  • Hover Gallery:
    • Integration with ManaDev Layered Navigation.
  • Navigation Pro:
    • New awesome Nowrap feature. It always keep top level menu items in single row. And it is responsive.
  • SEO Suite:
    • Metadata Templates: improved attribute directive output for numeric attributes (truncate trailing zeros in decimal part).
  • Sold Together:
    • Fix ‘product ID already exists’ error on checkout success page.
    • Respect “Reindex… via Cron” config options. Cron process ignored config settings in previous versions.

Argento M1 1.9.6

19th February 2018

  • Full RTL support for Argento Argento and Argento Luxury themes.
  • New ‘404’ page at Luxury theme so your customers don’t be upset but interested in staying at your store.
  • New expanded layout for product tabs.
  • Fix issue with ‘More Products’ button on product listing (content not loading, incorrect image sizes, black image background).
  • Fix not woking “Estimate shipping” and “Apply coupon” forms at checkout cart page on Magneto version less than
  • Overall stability and source code improvements.

Modules fixes & improvements

  • Ajax Pro:
    • Fix JavaScript error on shopping cart page when AjaxPro is disabled for this page.
  • Attribute Pages:
    • Improve compatibility with Magento Enterprise Edition.
  • Easy Catalog Images:
    • Improve responsive styles for widget layouts with 3 and 5 columns.
  • Easytabs:
    • New tabs layout - expanded tabs. You can change tabs layout in extension system config or in widget options.
    • New option “Sticky tabs header” - tabs header sticks to top of the screen while tabs conteiner is in user viewport. You can enable sticky option in extension system config or in widget options.
    • Overall source code improvements.
  • Highlight:
    • New carousel template with ajax content loading.
  • Hover Gallery:
    • Compatibility with new Highlight carousel template.
  • Lightbox Pro:
    • Improve extension stability.
  • Navigation Pro:
    • Improve behavior on stores with Argento themes and RTL contant direction.
  • SEO Suite:
    • SEO Templates - improve ‘products’ directive for category templates. Works with attributes that are not filterable also.
  • Sold Together:
    • Cron option works only on global level of config. So it is removed on other config levels.
  • Testimonials:
    • Fix missing message after posting new testimonial.

Argento M1 1.9.5

20th December 2017

  • Added new breathtaking config sections for every Argento theme - ‘Category page and other listing pages’ and ‘Product page’. There you can setup product image resize options for listing pages, widgets and product pages. Check how this config looks at Luxury image size settings for category.
  • Load Google fonts with javascript librery webfontloader to improve pagespeed score in Luxury, Pure2, Flat and Argento themes.
  • Source code improvements.
  • Reduced number of templates. Check upgrade instruction to find out what templates you can get rid of.

Modules fixes & improvements

  • AMP:
    • Added ability to disable layered navigation output via configuration.
    • Attributepages 1.4.0 support added.
    • Magento’s Cookie Restriction Mode support added.
    • Fixed possible “Content mismatch” error when using third-party layered navigation modules.
  • Ask It:
    • Fixed ‘reached 100 match iterations’ when URL end with /.
    • Fixed customer email template in nl_NL locale.
  • Easytabs:
    • Scroll to “Review form” itself instead of top of Review section when visitor clicks “Add review” link on product page.
  • Facebook Like Button:
    • Added options to setup size of og:image that facebook uses in shared URLs.
  • Prolabels:
    • Added new position for label - ‘hidden’. With help of this position you can hide label on product page or category page.
  • SEO Suite:
    • XML Sitemap - prevent memory leak during sitemap generation.
  • Sold Together:
    • Added new option to reindex orders with specific statuses only.
    • Fixed javascript error at some environments “groupSymbol is undefined”.
    • Fixed crush of cron reindex on huge number of orders (10K+).

Argento M1 1.9.4

27th October 2017

  • Fixed scroll bar in IE when Hover Gallery enabled
  • Fixed invisible images in Luxury theme in “More Views” section when lazy-load module is used

Modules fixes & improvements

  • AMP
    • Fixed product page slider animation on rtl theme
    • Fixed bug when user can’t read error message after adding product to the cart
    • Attribute “checked/” is not allowed error fixed
  • Easyslide
    • Fixed possible js errors
  • Prolabels
    • Fixed possible broken html markup
    • Prevent label wrapper from stretching out of parent container
    • Significant code cleanup and code improvement
  • Testimonials
    • Added check if guest is allowed to write a review
    • Code cleanup
  • Stability improvements in AjaxPro, Askit, Lightboxpro modules

Argento M1 1.9.3

29th September 2017

Modules fixes & improvements

  • Fixed critical vulnerability in EasyBanner module
  • Fixed Easyslider styles on AMP theme

Argento M1 1.9.2

18th September 2017

Modules fixes & improvements

  • Fixed error on last step of default magento checkout with Luxury theme.
  • Argento themes always load custom css/js files at the end.
  • Fixed missing form action on checkout/cart page for Magento versions before
  • Improved styles for Luxury theme.

Modules fixes & improvements

  • Ajax Pro:
    • Fix missing JS resources on home page for ajax actions (add to cart, add to compare, add to wishlist).
  • Easy Tabs:
    • Add missing initialization for custom links on tabs.
  • Highlight;
    • Fixed empty setLocation method, when ajaxpro is used. It caused issues with add to cart functionality on homepage.

Argento M1 1.9.1

27th August 2017

Modules fixes & improvements

  • Improved compatibility with Amasty_ShopBy module
  • Improved suggestpage product listing styles
  • Improved Askit styles on product page
  • Fix onhover icons positioning when prolabels disabled
  • Fixed missing frontend translation fopr the ‘More’ phrase
  • Fixed W3C validator error with unset HEIGHT property at homepage
  • Fixed php notice when saving theme editor changes
  • PHP code cleanup

Argento M1 1.9.0

4th August 2017

Modules fixes & improvements

  • Fixed missing icons at Luxury theme when CSS merge enabled.
  • Removed deprecated render templates for checkout cart.

Argento M1 1.9.0

3d August 2017

New features

  • New vivid theme included into package - Luxury theme. Checkout Luxury Theme Demo.
  • Unified sizes of product images at product listing and widget grids. It reduces size of media cache.
  • JavaScript and CSS improvements.

Modules fixes & improvements

  • AjaxPro:
    • Qty Switcher added on product reviews page.
    • Minor CSS and JavaScript improvements for popups
  • AMP:
    • Fixed bugs with actions at google AMP cache pages (Add to Cart, Add to Compare, Add to Wishlist)
  • AskIt:
    • Remove duplicated div.left element at product questions block.
  • Facebook Like Button:
    • New “like button” layout - custom button. It renders on server side, consumes less browser resources and provides possibility of CSS customization.
  • ProLabels:
    • Do not render empty container for content labels if there are no labels.
  • SEO Suite:
    • Metadata templates: fix price directive (respect tax config - include/exclude tax; remove decimal trailing zeros).

Argento M1 1.8.9

14th July 2017

New features

  • Advanced layout settings for Argento and Pure themes. Now every theme in package can have full width or boxed layouts. How to change theme pages width you can read in this article at our documentation site.
  • New SEO extension included in package - SEO Templates. Read more about it at our documentaion site.
  • Reduced inline JavaScript.
  • Removed enquire.js and replaced with matchMedia. JavaScript polyfill for older browsers included.
  • Minor styles and javascript improvements (include deferred loading of wow, photoswipe, matchMedia polyfill and sticky-kit libs).

Modules fixes & improvements

  • Ajax Search:
    • Fixed compatibility with layered navigation on search result page when custom collection enabled.
  • AMP:
    • Added ability to use ‘data-amp-‘ attribute for any tag
    • Fixed ‘Add to Cart’ functionality on google search pages
    • Fixed AMP validation errors with the following attributes noshade, align, border and size.
  • Easy Banner:
    • Fix redirect for banners when URL start with slash.
  • Easy Flags:
    • New style for language and store switcher - popup.
  • Easy Tabs:
    • Minor SEO improvement - tab titles as second level headers (h2).
  • Easyslide:
    • New slider option in adnvanced section - ‘Space between slides’.
  • ProLabels:
    • Fixed missing labels when enabled option ‘Move to content on mobile’.

Argento M1 1.8.8

16th June 2017

New features

  • Full compatibility with Magento and SUPEE 9767.
  • New styles for product review form. Ratings stars react to mouse hover.
  • Fix missing product images for Pure 2 theme on retina displays.
  • Updated styles for add to cart section on product page.

Modules fixes & improvements

  • Ajax Pro:
    • Improved handling of Magento messages
    • CSS arrows for quantity switcher
    • Updated styles for Quantity switcher elements on product page, category page and shopping cart
  • Ajax Search:
    • correct placeholder behavior for search field
  • AMP:
    • Fixed non-working add to cart, in case secure url is used but not for the product page
    • Added support for products lists at homepage
    • Added support for buttons with onclick=”setLocation” attribute
    • Better compatibility with third-party product listings
  • Attribute Pages:
    • MassDelete action in backend grids
  • Easy Banners:
    • Condition to show lightbox/awesomebar banner once a day/week/month per customer
  • Easy Tabs:
    • Do not hook click on review link at product page if reviews block is not in tab
    • Period (.) allowed for tab alias
  • Prolabels:
    • Fix notice “Undefined variable” when stock labels render
    • Improved backend interfaces
    • Include Mobile_Detect lib only if it is nessecery
  • SEO Suite:
    • Improved intagration of XML Sitemap with Fishpig extension

Argento M1

3d May 2017

New features

  • New animated checkboxes and radio buttons (chrome, safary and mobile browsers support with fallback to default styles for other browsers). Read Argento FAQ if you want to know how to customize them.
  • Fancy stars instead of boring select boxes in Product Review forms.
  • Significantly improved styles of web forms (according modern trends).
  • Prodcut tabs with conditions (customer group, product attributes).
  • SEO Suite 0.5.0 included in package. Current version of SEO Suite has Richsnippets, HTML and XML Sitemap.

Modules fixes & improvements

  • AMP:
    • Fixed empty ‘ShopBy’ popup for categories without children and layered navigation
    • Improvend allowed tags and attributes filter
  • AskIt:
    • Added canonical URLs to extension pages on store frontend
    • Fixed javascript errors at some stores when resources merge and minification enabled
  • Attribute Pages:
    • Improved extension stability (at some stores image resize caused error)
  • Easyslide
    • New slider options to stop slider on mouse hover and enable lazy load feature
    • Fixed issue with slider controls on pages with multiple sliders
  • Easytabs
    • Added conditions for prodcut and wdget tabs (customer group and product attributes)
  • Sold Together
    • Added option to reindex orders only for last N days and you can specify value for N in your store system config.

Argento M1

3d April 2017


  • Updated slider styles for each theme to match original styles
  • Fixed jumbotron styles, when inner content is floated
  • Improved BlockToggler script for complex block markup

Argento M1 1.8.6

31th March 2017

After successfull source files update you have to run data update. You can find more details about data update at Upgrade Instructions for 1.8.6.

New Features

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) extension included in package. You can read more about AMP extension at our docs. Disabled by default.
  • Product image hover feature added to package. It shows different image when visitor hovers mouse on product image in product listing. Disabled by default.
  • Easyslide 3.0 with swiper library. Now slider supports touch and work smoothly on mobile devices.

Modules fixes and improvements

  • Ajax Pro:
    • fix redirect to cart after adding product to cart when minimal order amount enabled
    • fix issue with empty cart when customer logged in and persistent shopping cart enabled (cart does not have items that were added when customer was not logged in)
    • improved ajax update of cart related blocks
  • Ajax Search:
    • fix missing layered navigation on search results page when custom collection enabled
    • fix different placeholders in search field when field has input cursor and has not
  • Easy Banners:
    • great performance improvements for stores with long-lived banners
    • new banner conditions
  • Easy Tabs:
    • fixed issues with permissions to extension interfaces in Magento Admin
    • fixed issue with lost tabs after extension update
    • allow inline translation of attribute group name on additional tab
  • Facebook Like Button:
    • use Facebook SDK JavaScript version 2.8
    • improved system configuration section (added comments and dependencies)
    • improved and unified extension templates
    • all inline JavaScripts moved to js-file
  • Navigation Pro:
    • no inline javascript, js-file deferred
  • Sold Together:
    • fix js error and incorrect total price for bundle product if one of items is out of stock
  • Testimonials:
    • improved integration with edit review form in Magento Admin
    • fixed fatal error on review edit form in some environments

Argento M1 1.8.5

20th January 2017

Upgrade Instructions

New Features

  • New homepage and footer markup in ArgentoPure and ArgentoMall designs using Bootstrap grid system
  • Easy Flags extension is included in Argento Theme Package

Fixes and Improvements

  • Easy Tabs 3.0 and Easy Flags 3.0 integration
  • Minor css fixes
  • Load external fonts with one request in Argento Flat
  • Video of the day moved to static block in Argento Mall

Modules fixes and improvements

  • Ajax Pro
    • Crosssell block integration added
  • Ajax Search
    • Improved frontend styles (fixed problem with “jumping” search Argento themes)
  • AskIt
    • Fixed product url generation for emails
    • Mass answers status change action added in Magneto Admin
    • Corrected block type for askit_tabbed block in layout
    • Fixed bug about showing answers with pending status on frontend
    • Missing translations added
    • Question grid item column sorting and filtering fixed
    • Vote table customer foreign key bug was fixed
    • Export action was fixed
  • Easytabs (major update)
    • Product tabs and Widget tabs
    • Extension has its own widget (now you can place tabs any where you want)
    • Group attributes in “Additional Information” tab (optional)

Argento M1 1.8.4

9th December 2016

Upgrade Instructions

New Features

  • new homepage and footer markup in ArgentoPure2 design using Bootstrap grid system
  • new products grid design
  • new extension added - Quantity Switcher. View Docs

Fixes and Improvements

  • minor translation fixes
  • 20 overriden templates removed
  • testimonials integration improved
  • visual accent added to downloadable product link
  • backend css now merged with rest of css files

Modules fixes and improvements

  • Ajax Pro:
    • added +/- buttons for product quantity change on product page
    • improved magento 1.9.3 integration
    • fixed bug “$j undefined”
  • Easy Banners:
    • added columns “Store view”, “Banner content” in banner backend grid to make easier banners management
    • fixed grid search in banned conditions for pages (issue occures on latest magento versions)
    • fixed redirect issue for SEO url (.html)
  • Navigation Pro:
    • fixed incorrectly escaped >, < entities
  • Product Label
    • minor improvments for labels rendering
  • Rich Snippets
    • added possibility to show prices with/without VAT (prices with VAT enabled by default)
  • Review Reminder
    • fixed incorrect product name translation
    • added config to disable reminders for guests
    • added order number and store view columns in grid
  • Sold Together
    • error 404 in config fixed
    • css fixes
  • Testimonials
    • sidebar list widget rewritten
    • added feature to save product review as testimonial from review edit page
    • missing captcha in testimonials widget fixed
    • added config to allow guests to submit testimonials

Argento M1 1.8.3

18th October 2016

New Features

Fixes and Improvements

  • Removed easyslider box-shadow in Flat theme
  • Removed horizontal scrollbar in Chrome between 980px and 990px
  • Fixed missing FontAwesome icons after homepage save
  • Added products count limit for sidebar related block (ArgentoFlat and Pure2 themes)
  • Small css and js fixes

Modules fixes and improvements

  • ConfigurableSwatches
    • Improved image swapping method
    • 1.9.3 support added
  • Easy Catalog Images:
    • ‘more in…’ translation added in csv
  • Highlight
    • integration with Slick Carousel added
  • Easy Tabs
    • Fixed scroll to review form
    • JS file now loaded and executed with defer attribute
    • no inline javascript
  • Ajax Pro
    • Catalog category view js script improvements
    • Improved third-party theme’s itegration
    • Imporoved logic to activate current_page in toolbar
    • Updated translations
  • Navigation Pro
    • Added ability to create Amazon-style menu
    • Added status exception rules into cache key to fix invalid menu on different devices;
    • Small css fixes

Argento M1 1.8.2

29th September 2016

Upgrade Instructions.

Fixes and Improvements

Bootstrap grid system added

  • New homepage and footer markup in Argento Flat design using Bootstrap grid system

Fixes and Improvements

  • 20 overriden templates removed from Flat theme
  • Fixed catalog configurable swatches output in layered navigation
  • Ajax Pro: fixed styles for cart popup after buying product; using core magento translations for login form
  • Ajax Search: unified templates; improved suggestions popup rendering
  • Easy Tabs: fixed scroll to review bug; fixed disabling extension from magento backend
  • Easy Slide: fixed slides overlay (slides stacked one on other during loading than first slide jumps on top); fixed slider rendering when slider name starts with digit
  • Lightbox Pro: fixed incorrect initial position of thumbnails in Firefox; fixed JS error when JS merge enabled
  • Prolabels: JS file loads and executes with defer attribute; no inline javascript; significantly reduced html content generated by extension
  • Rich Snippets: correct names in breadcrumbs
  • Sold Together: integration with Checkout Success 2.x extension from our team; hide already ordered products as recommendation in mail locks

Argento M1 1.8.1

29th August 2016

Perfomance Improvements

  • AjaxSearch scripts refactored and inline js completely removed from templates
  • Js improvents for currency and language dropdowns in all argento themes

Fixes and Improvements

  • FIxed custom.css sort order: Custom.css should be added after theme.css to allow to customize all theme styles
  • Fixed highlight filters by stock status and quantity for the following product types: Bestsellers, Popular, Products, Recent reviews

Argento M1 1.8.0

26th August 2016

Upgrade Instructions.

Fixes and Improvements

Bootstrap grid system added

  • New homepage and footer markup in ArgentoArgento design
  • Resized homepage images to match Bootstrap powered grid system sizing

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed css resources sort order to improve CSS parallel loading
  • Fixed catalog configurable swatches on non-anchored categories
  • EasyTabs: fixed JS error on product page when it has no tabs
  • Easyslide: overall performance improvements and optimization
  • Highlight: widget interface improvements, new filters by inventory added
  • Lightbox Pro: css optimizations
  • Review Reminder: Use proper settings according order store id, Fixed translations for mail sent via cron

Argento M1 1.7.4

3th August 2016

Fixes and Improvements

  • FontAwesome updated to version 4.6.3
  • backend CSS loads depends on request - secured or unsecured
  • AskIt: new frontend responsive design, question can be assigned to multiple products, question create date fix
  • LightboxPro: significant code refactoring, JS files load with 'defer' attribute and do not block page rendering, no more inline JS
  • Navigation Pro: fixed third level drop-downs on tablet devices
  • ProLabels: fixed label priority determination
  • Testimonials: stars for 'Rating' field at new testimonial form, JS files load with 'defer' attribute
  • SuggestPage: avoided potential error with multiple calls of event 'sales_quote_product_add_after'

Argento M1

5th May 2016


  • Critical bug in Richsnippets for Argento 1.7.3 (in some cases product page generates with error for grouped products)

Argento M1 1.7.3

25th April 2016

New Features

  • Mall theme: available in full and boxed layout.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Improved integration with SwissupLabs extensions (CDN, Daily Deals).
  • Solved invalidate cache for Block HTML output in Cache Management; no more issues with dynamic content in CMS blocks.
  • Load Backend CSS files via secure http when page loads via it.
  • Ajax Pro: fixed two CAPTCHAs on customer login page; improved login-popup logic.
  • Ajax Search: now search starts when query text pasted with mouse.
  • Attribute Pages: fixed invalid canonical url on brand pages.

Argento M1 1.7.2

29th February 2016

  • Fontawesome updated to 4.5.0
  • Updated footer social icons in Argento Argento + new predefined buttons (facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, rss, pinterest, gplus, linkedin)
  • Fixed ability to apply font styles for 'Top level links' from backend configurator for Argento Pure2
  • Integration with Symmetrics_Buyerprotect extension
  • AjaxPro: integration with Ajax Layered Navigation; translations for login and empty cart popups
  • AskIt: fix router matching for questions page
  • Attributepages: product option widget added; fixed possible 404 page, when page with empty url is saved in backend
  • Easybanner: fix banner rotation if banner count for placeholder is less then limit per rotate
  • LightboxPro: improved widgets; translations for popup
  • ReviewReminder: backend grid filters fixed; email subject depends from storeID in placed order
  • SuggestPage: fixed error adding virtual item to cart, fixed non-showing first added to the cart item
  • Other minor fixes for speeding up and stability improvements

Argento M1 1.7.1

30th October 2015

Magento upgrade.

Upgrade instruction are available at Argento 1.7.1 update page.

  • All submodules updated to fix conflict with Magento whitelist "feature"
  • Increased cart edit/remove icons size for mobile devices
  • Fixed wishlist page errors on old Magento versions
  • AttributePages integrated with `AjaxLayeredNavigation` module
And much more

Argento M1 1.7.0

10th October 2015

  • New Pure 2.0 theme added
  • Review Remidner module added
  • Multiply modules were updated
  • Improved stability of Argento modules
  • Various css fixes in argento themes
And much more

Argento M1 1.6.2

14th July 2015

All modules updated with Magento 1.9.2 support and security fixes
  • Updated header styles for mobile devices for all themes.
  • Fixed bug when user can't change layout with custom.xml instructions (Layout xml code moved from local.xml to theme.xml).
  • Improved code to text rate: Single navigation menu is now used for both mobile and desktop view
  • Improved compatibility with TM_PageSpeed module
  • Removed Argento dependency section
And much more

Argento M1 1.6.1

27th April 2015

Upgrade instruction are available at Argento 1.6.1 update page.

New features and fixes:
  • Improved suggest page design
  • New highlight pages features
  • Javascript fixes
  • Removed sticky header jQuery dependency
  • Fixed broken catalog search page when specific ajaxsearch config was used
Extension updates:
  • Highlight
  • Suggestpage
  • Prolabels
  • RichSnippets

Argento M1 1.6.0

27th March 2015

New Flat theme added with great features:
  • Configurable sticky header
  • Ability to use boxed or full width layout
  • Product page with brand logo
  • Improved pagination toolbar styles
  • Improved ConfigurableSwatches integration
And much more

Argento M1 1.5.4

24th December 2014

Retina screen optimization
  • Magento 1.9.1 compatibility with full support of new ConfigurableSwatches module.
  • Images size reduced. See the table below.
  • Added ability to use different custom folders per store view. Example: custom_default, custom_en, etc. where suffix is the store code.
  • Missing checkout.cart.extra block added to shopping cart page.
  • Sprite of the btn-checkout button replaced with css styles.
  • Various small css improvements.
  • Fixed slider resize when browser window is resized
And much more

Argento M1 1.5.3

16th October 2014

Upgrade instruction detailed description about CSS backend are avaialbe at Argento 1.5.3 update page.

Retina screen optimization
  • All backgrounds and icons replaced with [FontAwesome]( and double sized images
  • Double sized product images will be automatically served for devices with high device-pixel-ratio value
  • Double sized logo added. See the [upgrade instructions]
And much more

Argento M1 1.5.2

24th July 2014

Upgrade instruction detailed description about CSS backend are avaialbe at Argento 1.5.2 update page.

  • Doctype changed to html5
  • New stylish floatbar navigation for mobile devices
  • Grid listing improvements for mobile devices
  • Added long category description collapsing.
  • Product page improvements for mobile devices
  • Added images to recently viewed block
  • Added add to cart button to the upsell products
  • All email input fields now uses the email type to make easier to use with mobile keyboard
  • Added additional customizable configurations for the Argento theme
And much more

Argento M1 1.5.1

27th May 2014

Argento improvements and fixes
  • Magento 1.9 compatible
  • Improved slider styles, to display bix images correclty
  • Fixed slider resize, when slider is not inside col-main wrapper
  • AjaxPro login form made enabled by default
  • Removed warnings about load method during installation
  • Improved css style for askitquestions in mall theme
  • Five locales where added: es_ES, fr_FR, it_IT, nl_NL, pt_PT
And much more

Argento M1 1.5.0

16th April 2014

Argento update
  • ArgentoMall theme added
  • Left and right columns moved below the main column for mobile devices
  • Product image size increased in list listing
  • Original, not resized product image is now used for lightbox popup
  • Unable to apply font color to the top navigation fixed
  • Ability to override any argento css/templates with custom folder
  • Missing images added to skin folder
  • Fixed bug when & is not rendered as & in category combobox
  • Many css fixes and refactorings:
    • Responsive video and slider styles added
    • Improved Easycatalogimg styles for the homepage
    • Wide price block on product page
    • Q-ty input issue for pure theme
    • Advanced search form styles
    • Footer toolbar styles
    • AjaxPro 'More products' button
And much more

Argento M1 1.4.0

8th January 2014

Upgrade instruction detailed description about CSS backend are avaialbe at Argento 1.4.0 update page.

Argento update
  • Magento 1.8.1 compatibility
  • Attributepages and brands extension added
  • Mobile navigation with backend configuration added
  • Product page markup improved for mobile devices
  • Css styles for small screen devices improved
  • Contact form improvements: added tel and email types
  • QuickShopping support added to pure theme product listing
  • Fixed page zoom for touch devices, when focusing input elements
  • Bugfix: TabBuilder: Cannot call method 'addClassName' of undefined
  • Fixed positioning of grouped item availability status
  • Bundle for 1702 and older magento versions fixed
  • Missing translations added
  • Suggestpage integrated into ajaxpro popup window
  • Soldtogether random collection is enabled for initial installation now
And much more

Argento M1 1.3.2

15th October 2013

Argento update
  • Magento 1.8 compatibility
  • Fixed custom.css url on secure pages
  • custom.css is now included after theme.css
  • AjaxPro popup styles improved
  • Cookie restriction message made responsive
  • Css fixes
  • QuickShopping is now supported. No need to edit listing template.
  • Various small fixes to all modules. More than 70 commits was done.

Argento M1 1.3.1

10th September 2013

Upgrade instruction detailed description about CSS backend are avaialbe at Argento 1.3.1 update page.

Argento Magento Enterprise edition Integration instructions are avaialbe at Enterprise page.

Argento update
  • Magento Enterprise Edition compatibility
  • Sweet tooth reward integrated into shopping cart template
  • Main product image size increased to 370px
  • Subtotal added to cart popup for Argento theme
  • Fixed output of tags and other inline links, when html minifier extension is used
  • Added additional theme fallback rules to simplify enterprise version compatibility
  • Fixed broken print invoice page
  • Fixed double call for EasyTabs block
And much more

Argento M1 1.3.0

14th August 2013

Upgrade instruction detailed description about CSS backend are avaialbe at Argento 1.3 update page.

Argento update
  • Fixed displaying of decimal quantities in header cart
  • Removed overriding of customer.xml layout
  • Css styles was refactored. Duplicate code removed.
  • Automatic inclusion of custom.css file from active theme skin folder
And much more

Argento M1 1.2.0

16th May 2013

Argento update
  • New Pure Magento responsive theme added
  • Css styles optimization
  • Css styles improvements for small tablet devices
  • Removed php warnings during Argento installation
  • Fixed upsell products decoration with first/last classes
And much more

Argento M1 1.1.2

24th April 2013

Argento update
  • Html markup and css improvements. YSlow - 86 PageSpeed - 93
  • Review url fixed on product page
  • Lightboxpro config options updated to look good on mobile screens
  • Related products styles and image size improvements for small screen devices
  • All small images styles improved for mobile devices
  • Improved form styles
  • Fixed product listing on advanced search results
  • Facebook Like Button added
  • Scroll to top button added
And much more

Argento M1 1.0.0

20th February 2013

  • Initial release

Argento M2 1.8.0

4th January 2019

  • Mobile-view styles improvements for the homepage in Argento Stripes theme.
  • A lot of tiny mobile-view improvements in the header for all themes:
    • Icons alignment
    • Border and background color fixes
    • Logo alignment
  • More SEO features!
  • AMP improvements
    • “Add to cart” support for configurable products added
    • Rich snippets support added
    • Attributepages support added
    • Highlight pages support added
    • Cookie restriction mode added
    • Magento 2.1 and 2.2 compatibility fixes

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed ‘Phantom Scrolling’ bug in Chrome, when sticky menu us used
  • Fixed empty sidebar menu in Safari browser in ArgentoFlat and ArgentoPure2 themes
  • Fixed missing product image at the shopping cart page
  • Fixed scroll to footer on page resize
  • Fixed scroll to product list in ArgentoStripes and ArgentoLuxury themes at the category pages, when layered navigation is enabled

Extensions Updates

Almost all modules were updated with small improvements and fixes. Here is a few highlighted changes:

  • Many small fixes into variety of modules:
    • Better Magento 2.1 and 2.2 compatibility
    • CSS fixes and code cleanup
  • Bugfixes:
    • Askit (Askit form on the homepage)
    • Easybanner (Broken backend charts on slow networks)
    • Highlight (Mobile style fixes)
    • Prolabels (Improved labels calculation for the children of configurable product, Fixed label reindex in Magento Commerce version)
    • SoldTogether (Fixed DB error during reindex, Magento 2.3 fixes, carousel styles fixes)

Argento M2 1.7.2

5th December 2018

  • Magento 2.3.0 and 2.2.7 compatibility
  • Fixed horizontal scrollbar on mobile devices
  • Added missing image size config in view.xml (Magento 2.3.0 fix)

Extensions Updates

swissup/module-ajaxpro — 1.4.2 (was 1.4.1)

  • Fixed 404 error (swatches.css file) in Magento 2.3.0
  • Prevent accident shopping cart popup window when browsing accross the site

swissup/module-ajaxsearch — 1.4.1 (was 1.4.0)

  • Added 2.2.7 and 2.3.0 compatability
  • Fixed broken CSS styles on the iPhone devices
  • Fixed not working “Search” button on iOS devices

swissup/module-attributepages — 1.1.1 (was 1.1.0)

  • Widget template updated according to the latest SlickCarousel module

swissup/module-highlight — 1.4.1 (was 1.4.0)

  • Widget template updated according to the latest SlickCarousel module
  • Prevent possible non-seo links

swissup/module-hreflang — 1.2.1 (was 1.2.0)

  • Remove not used use statement (Magento 2.3.0 compatibility)

swissup/module-lightboxpro — 1.2.1 (was 1.2.0)

  • Magento 2.3.0 fixes
  • Added correct alt text for preloading image

swissup/module-navigationpro — 1.8.1 (was 1.8.0)

  • Improved column-count calculation in Chrome browser

swissup/module-pro-labels — 1.2.2 (was 1.2.1)

  • Performance improvements
  • Improved javascript stability
  • Slightly improved admin styles
  • Improved logic to check if product has discount

swissup/module-seo-pager — 1.1.1 (was 1.1.0)

  • Added note in config about SEO Pagination

swissup/module-seo-urls — 1.5.0 (was 1.3.2)

  • New option added to enable rel=”nofolow” in the layered navigation links
  • Fixed possible js erorr when colorswatches are used in product listing
  • Improved autogenerated URLs values
  • Fixed possible fatal error when toggle canonical url option in config

swissup/module-seo-xml-sitemap — 1.1.1 (was 1.1.0)

  • Use the same images as used on storefront. (Previosly Sitemap generated images that does not exist at storefront)

swissup/module-slick-carousel — 1.3.0 (was 1.2.0)

  • SlickCarousel library updated 1.8.1

swissup/module-sold-together — 1.4.0 (was 1.3.1)

  • Template updated according to the latest SlickCarousel module
  • Correct order for items at admin edit product page
  • Fixed “Item with ID aleady exists” error
  • Source code improvements

swissup/module-testimonials — 1.2.1 (was 1.2.0)

  • Template updated according to the latest SlickCarousel module

Argento M2 1.7.1

5th November 2018

Upgrade Instructions

  • Small CSS fixes in Argento theme

Extensions Updates

  • AjaxPro — 1.4.1
    • Multiple fixes for cart slide mode
  • EasyCatalogImages — 1.4.0
    • Added ability to use widget with categories of one StoreGroup at another StoreGroup
    • Fixed broken image url, if width wasn’t set to a proper number
  • GDPR — 1.1.0
    • Fixed mysql error on client consents page when table prefixes are used
  • Lightboxpro — 1.2.0
    • Improved compatibility with ProLabels
    • Added correct alt text for preloading image
  • ProLabels — 1.2.1
    • Update label indexes when product updated
    • Improve predefined variables search in label text
    • Get product final and regular price properly
  • Richsnippets — 1.2.1
    • Remove tags in product description
    • Added product brand to structured data
  • Regional and Language URLs — 1.3.2
    • Select swatches on listing when filter applied
    • Fixed broken redirect to homepage when customer reaches respective CMS page via its URL
    • Fixed ‘Invalid return type’ error on Magento 2.1.x
  • SEO Templates — 1.1.1
    • Improved metadata generation stability
    • Fixed 404 for actions in admin grid
  • Soldtogether — 1.3.1
    • Improved code stability, prevent ‘ID already exists’ error
    • Moved slick init params from template to block

Argento M2 1.7.0

28th September 2018

Upgrade Instructions

Major updates

Extensions Updates

  • Fblike — 1.1.4
    • Fixed error “Action Requires At Least One Reference” when custom button is used
  • Navigationpro1.7.0
    • Magento 2.2.6 compatibility
    • Backend interface improvements
  • ProLabels1.1.0
    • Backend interface improvements
    • Ready-to-use presets added

Argento M2 1.6.0

7th September 2018

Upgrade Instructions

Extensions Updates

  • AjaxPro — 1.3.2
    • Fixed js error
    • Fixed redundant reload of AjaxPro sections
  • Attributepages — 1.0.10
    • Fixed delete mass action and store filter in admin grid
    • Fixed error in options list when identifier is missing
    • Fixed 404 error for options with html entities in name
  • Compare — 1.0.1
    • Css fixes
  • EasySlide — 1.1.5
    • Added AMP integration
  • Easy Catalog Images — 1.2.1
    • Added AMP integration
  • EasyTabs — 1.3.3
    • Fixed delete mass action and store filter in admin grids
  • GDPR — 1.0.1
    • Fixed possible issue with invalid config value
  • Hover Gallery — 1.0.2
    • Changed logic to determine image position in media gallery
    • Added opacity transition for original image
  • SEO Suite — 1.0.1
    • Minor improvements and Magento 2.1.x compatibility fixes
  • Testimonials — 1.1.0
    • New testimonials listing page design
    • New testimonials slider widget
    • Added feature to export product review to testimonial
    • Added config options to require rating and to disable testimonial submit for guests

Argento M2 1.5.0

7th August 2018

Upgrade Instructions

Extensions Updates

  • AjaxPro — 1.3.1
    • Added slide mode for modal dialog
    • Added floating cart
    • Fixed priceBox bug
    • Fixed bug with disabled radio buttons in shipipng estimation
    • Fixed configurable products add to cart issue on homepage
  • Askit — 1.2.17
    • Added email subject translation
  • Easybanners — 1.2.3
    • Fixed possible error on bundle product pages
  • EasyTabs — 1.3.2
    • Fixed activate and scroll to tab on external link click
  • Fblike — 1.1.3
    • Overall JavaScript improvements (load Facebook SDK only it is necessary, better utilization of Magento RequireJS functionality)
  • Hover Gallery — 1.0.1
    • Fixed both images visible issue when using transparent png product images
  • Navigationpro — 1.6.0
  • ProLabels — 1.0.24
    • Fixed php notice on Single Store mode in Edit Label interface
  • SEO Suite — 1.0.0
    • includes new module Regional and Language URLs
    • includes new module SEO XML Sitemap
    • Richsnippets — 1.1.3
      • Fixed missing breadcrumbs data at product pages in Magento 2.2.4+
      • Fixed possible notice at product page with grouped product
      • Using full description in snippet when short description is empty
    • SEO HTML Sitemap — 1.0.1
      • Renamed admin menu item “HTML Sitemap Links” to “Sitemap Links”
      • Fixed PHP fatal error in custom links grid when Magento Admin session expired
    • SEO URLs — 1.2.1
      • Config section renamed from “Urls” to “SEO URLs”
      • Integration with “Regional Urls (hreflang)” module
    • SEO Pager — 1.0.1
      • Canonical URL now removed correctly
    • SEO Templates — 1.0.2
      • Fixed error during compilation

Argento M2 1.4.0

21th June 2018

  • New GDPR module added
  • New SEO Metadata Templates module added
  • Fixed not working “Add to Cart” button on Stripes theme when ColorSwatches are used on the product page
  • Fixed toolbar position on non-anchor 1-column page in Stripes theme
  • CSS fixes for RTL languages
  • Small CSS fixes

Extensions Updates

  • Askit
    • Magento 2.2.4 compatibility in email templates
    • Added client-side form validators
  • Attributepages
    • Fixed error when page identifier is entered in invalid registry
  • Easybanners
  • Email
    • Added predefined smtp providers settings
    • Fixed Magento 2.2.4 compatibility
  • Soldtogether
    • Added new config option that allows to disable ‘Create relations on order save’
  • Navigationpro
    • Allow to use absolute links in menu items
    • Nowrap feature added
    • Improved dropdown positioning
    • Small fixes and improvements

Argento M2 1.3.1

8th May 2018

Upgrade Instructions

  • Magento 2.2.4 compatibility
  • Fixed “jumping” carousel and tabs styles on the homepage during script initialization
  • Fixed white links in Stripes menu, when NavigationPro is disabled
  • Products carousel at the Mall’s homepage replaced with Highlight ajax carousel widget
  • Small css and js fixes

Extensions Updates

  • Ajax Search
    • Add popular search terms suggestions when input is empty
    • Improved initialization speed
    • Add store filter to the cms page results
  • Attributepages
    • Fixed 404 error in backend options grid, when using pagination
  • Easytabs
    • Fixed possible “Requested product doesn’t exist” error, when editing cart item
  • Fblike
    • Fixed compatibility with button initialization in ajax updated product listing
  • Highlight
    • Fixed bug with Magento 2.2.4 when limit/sort order doesn’t work
  • Navigationpro
    • Fixed bug with Magento 2.2.4 when breadcrumbs are missing on the product page
  • SoldTogether
    • Fixed issue with “Grouped” products price calculation in “Amazon” view

Argento M2 1.3.0

29th March 2018

Upgrade Instructions

  • We introduce new colorful theme - Argento Stripes. Check it out at Stripes Theme Demo.
  • No more “jumping search” during page loading.
  • A lot of small fixes and improvements to provide your store the best user experience.

Extensions Updates

  • Ajax Search
    • Category filter for search requests
    • Grid layout for suggestions popup.
  • Ajax Pro
    • Remove product review summary and tabs from add product popup.
  • Easybanners
    • Magento 2.1 compatibility.
    • Removed url validation as it does not allow to use .html suffix.
    • Fixed ‘Undefined variable: options’ error for banners without placeholders.
  • Easy Catalog Images
    • Added configurable ‘Departments’ page with masonry layout style.
  • Easytabs
    • Expanded tabs layout added.
  • Highlight
    • Added ability to show products widget as ajax carousel.
    • Fixed bug when you can’t call for multiple widgets with different conditions on the same page.
  • Navigation Pro
  • ProLabels
    • Optimize labels rendering on storefront.
  • SEO Suite
    • Richsnippets:
      • Do not add rating to snippet when product reviews do not have ratings.
    • SEO URLs:
      • Improve compatibility with not English speaking stores.
  • Sold Together
    • New Stripe layout for ‘Frequently Bought Together’ block. Now can can choose between ‘Amazon Inspired’ (default) and ‘Stripe’ layout style.

Argento M2 1.2.0

13th February 2018

Upgrade Instructions

Luxury Theme

  • Fixed missing items count on search result listing on mobile devices
  • Fixed invisible action buttons on the homepage if standard listing is used
  • Fixed cutted shadow on the top edge of the icon
  • Bring back an opacity on the action icons in product listing

Extensions Updates

  • Ajax Pro — 1.2.5
    • Fixed redirect to product page when ?option=cart used
    • Added missing translations
    • Added product.view popup on home page
    • Added checking if response is json
  • Ajax Search — 1.2.8
    • Fixed broken sort by relevance
    • Added translations
    • Fixed empty results when limit was equal to number of suggestions
  • Askit — 1.2.12
    • Fixed missing question label bug
  • Attribute Pages — 1.0.7
    • Added canonical url to integrate with seo-pager
  • Easy Banner — 1.2.0
    • Added new conditions
    • “Don’t show anymore” action added to lightbox and awesomebar banners
    • New predefined HTML layouts
    • Added ability to assign placeholder to parent container without using “Widgets” page
    • Fixed not-working banner when it assigned to multiple stores
    • Improved popup styles and positioning
    • Backend forms rewritten using UI components
  • Facebook Like Button — 1.1.1
    • Fixed issues that occurred at some environments with JS minification enabled
    • Using same product URLs to like on category and product pages
  • Navigation Pro —
    • Added ability to set positioning settings for the first level dropdown: Stick to Left, Center, Stick to Right
    • Fixed browser freezing on mobile devices when using vertical subcategories alignment
  • Pro Labels — 1.0.21
    • Fixed warning illegal offset during CLI reindex
  • Review Reminder — 1.0.11
    • Fixed empty customer name for guests orders
  • Seo Suite — 0.9.0
    • includes new module SEO Pagination
    • Rich Snippets:
      • Fixed duplicated product structured data on product page.
      • Minify JSON-LD structured data.
      • No empty nodes in JSON-LD structured data.
    • SEO URLs:
      • Fix URL parsing when URL rewrite ends with ‘/’.
      • Disable SEO URLs when direct controller URL used instead of URL rewrite.
      • Improved integration with Swissup ALN module (stock filter, rating filter, new filter).
      • Improved query string parsing when multiple values applied to filter.
      • If filter separator enabled add it to URLs only when there are applied filters.
  • Sold Together — 1.2.4
    • Using correct customer select for reindex, increased customer step
    • Fixed exception ‘Item with the same ID already exists’

Argento M2 1.1.0

20th December 2017

Upgrade Instructions

Luxury Theme

  • Added homepage fullscreen slider configuration from admin
  • Added sitemap link in footer links
  • Fixed wrong logo position on new Ajax Search version
  • Corrected Navigation Pro styles on homepage
  • Fixed search icon position when store switcher is not displayed
  • Fixed listing styles on mobile devices

Extensions Updates

  • Ajax Search — 1.2.6
    • Now product page is opened when click or press enter on the element in popup
    • Added missing close button and spinner in folded mode
    • Removed mistakenly added cacheable=’false’ param, which disabled FPC
    • Fixed error CollectionFactory already in use
    • Fixed search form submit only after second tap on mobile keyboard
  • Askit — 1.2.11
    • Fixed not unique form element ids
    • Added config for “You have not submitted a question” message
    • Update ui_component according to the latest requirements
    • Fixed error on Magento versions before 2.2.0
    • Fixed vote for question action
  • Easy Banner — 1.1.1
    • Fixed SQL error “1205 Lock wait timeout exceeded”
    • Reduced number of database operations
    • Fixed search at banner conditions page
    • Code cleanup
  • Easy Catalog Images — 1.1.5
    • Fixed compatibility with Magento versions 2.1.x
  • Navigation Pro — 1.1.0
    • Added sidebar menu support
    • Added navigation pro widget
    • Added Amazon-like sidebar menu
    • Fixes for mobile devices
    • Fixed php error when switching store view in backend interface
    • Improved dropdown positioning calculations
  • Pro Labels — 1.0.20
    • Fixed invalid discount values calculation for non-base currencies
  • Sold Together — 1.2.3
    • Fixed customer reindex (error occured when customer had no orders)
    • Code cleanup

Argento M2 1.0.0

27st October 2017

Upgrade Instructions

  • NavigationPro added
  • Css editor improved in theme editor backend. CSS syntax highlight added.

Luxury Theme

  • Improved NavigationPro compatibility
  • Fixed too long language switcher
  • Out of stock phrase removed from listing
  • Improved product quantity styles in header cart

Extensions Updates

Argento M2 0.9.10

29st September 2017

  • Fixed critical vulnerability in EasyBanner module

Extensions Updates

  • AjaxPro — 1.2.3
    • Fixed invalid xml layout update instructions
    • Improved compatibility with third-party modules
  • EasyBanner — 1.0.12
    • Fixed critical SQL vulnerability
  • EasyTabs — 1.2.1
    • Fixed ACL rules
  • ReviewReminder — 1.0.10
    • Fixed wrong product url in email on multi-website store installation
  • SoldTogether — 1.2.2
    • Fixed error when product is not available in registry

Argento M2 0.9.9

23st September 2017

Upgrade Instructions

Extensions Updates

  • EasySlide — 1.1.4
    • better widget compatibility with third-party modules
  • Highlight — 1.1.2
    • fixed widget styles
  • Facebook Like Button — 1.1.0
    • added custom like button layout
  • EasyTabs — 1.2.0
    • added tabs widget

Argento M2 0.9.8

22st August 2017

  • Magento 2.2 compatibility

Argento M2 0.9.7

23st June 2017

Upgrade Instructions

  • Added ability to disable sticky header programmatically
  • All modules updated according to Magento 2.1.7 changes
  • DI compilation fixes

Argento M2 0.9.6

31st May 2017

Upgrade Instructions

List of Included Themes

  • Argento Blank — 0.9.6
  • Argento Essence — 0.9.6
  • Argento Flat — 0.9.6
  • Argento Pure2 — 0.9.6
  • Argento Mall — 0.9.6

Extensions Updates

  • Ajaxsearch — 1.2.3
    • Without limit bug was fixed in product provider
  • Askit — 1.2.4
    • Cms pages integration
    • Catalog categories integration
    • You can search Askit questions in Magento admin top search
    • Grid massactions logic fixed
    • Grid full-text search fixed
  • Easybanner — 1.0.8
    • Fixed bug using multiple banners on one page
  • Rich Snippets — 1.0.5
    • Sort order fixed
    • Acl added
    • Fixed error in breadcrumbs json
    • Added config to disable snippets

Argento M2 0.9.5

13th March 2017

Upgrade Instructions

  • ArgentoPure2 theme added. View Docs
  • Sticky header added to the ArgentoFlat theme
  • Improved reviews styles on small laptops and tablets
  • Improved accordion styles
  • Removed “Add to cart” button from products listing on small devices
  • Vertical tabs added for laptops and tablets because horizontal tabs does not fit the screen width
  • Bootstrap’s col-md-* breakpoint changed to 768px
  • Colorful socials icons added
  • Many small css improvements


  • Fixed horizontal scroll on checkout page
  • Fixed FontAwesome icons vertical alignment
  • Fixed incorrect position of submenu dropdown
  • Fixed invalid dependency in jquery.visible plugin which cause js error in developer console

Developer improvements

List of Included Themes

  • Argento Blank — 0.9.5
  • Argento Essence — 0.9.5
  • Argento Flat — 0.9.5
  • Argento Pure2 — 0.9.5

Extensions Updates

  • Ajaxsearch — 1.2.2
    • Final_price replaced min_price in price template
    • Small css fixes
  • Askit — 1.2.4
    • Fixed toolbar amount position on mobile devices
    • Admin email notification was fixed
    • Adming functionality fixes
  • Easybanner — 1.0.7
    • Fixed Image insert using WYSIWYG editor
  • Easyslide — 1.1.1
    • Small css fixes
  • FontAwesome — 1.2.0
    • Icons updated to 4.7.0
  • Prolabels — 1.2.0
    • Fixed missing badgets after cron job
    • Small fixes

Argento M2 0.9.4

15th October 2016

Upgrade Instructions

  • ArgentoFlat theme editor added
  • Small css fixes to improve css customization in:
    • Product listing widgets
    • Footer links styles
    • ArgentoFlat jumbotrons


  • Fixed possible duplicate label in widgets listings
  • Improved label loading method


  • Added ability to use font-awesome icons for backend modules

Argento M2 0.9.3

30th September 2016

Upgrade Instructions

  • ArgentoFlat theme added. View Docs
  • More Less variables to match developer customization needs
    • Product listing variables
    • Additional Product Tabs variables
    • Additional Navigation variables
    • Crossell, Upsell, Related products variables
  • Product questions count added to tab title
  • Improved product listing styles stability in various browsers
  • Improved Rewiews Tab styles for large screens
  • Added ability to include custom.js file
  • Many small css fixes and improvements

List of Included Themes

  • Argento Blank — 0.9.3
  • Argento Essence —
  • Argento Flat — 0.9.3

Extensions Updates

  • Ajaxsearch — 1.2.0
    • Added Folded Design feature, that hides input field and shows it in fullscreen mode with nice effect
    • Small css fixes
  • Askit — 1.2.0
    • Added ability to show questions count in tab title
    • Improved questions styles
    • Styles rewritten in less with bunch of new variables that allow to change design easely
  • Easybanner —
    • Fixed empty spacing below banner
    • Fixed banner url to product and category pages
  • Easycatalogimages — 1.1.1
    • Fixed issue in automatic category thumbnails assignment, thumbnails are now assigned to default store id
  • Easyslide — 1.1.0
    • Fixed empty spacing below slider
    • Added slider themes:
      • Dark
      • White
      • Default (Blue)
  • Highlight — 1.1.0
    • Product listing styles rewritten to allow to use gutter between products
  • Soldtogether — 1.1.6
    • Fixed “Add all to cart” button alignment in amazon style mode
    • Small css improvements

Argento M2 0.9.2

3th August 2016

Upgrade Instructions

  • Theme editor added. Read more
  • Additional LESS variables added to simplify switching between boxed, full-width and standard layout types
  • FontAwesome configuration added. Now you can choose between CDN and local version.
  • Fixed product listing glitches in Safari browser
  • Bugfixes and improvements to:
    • ProLabels
    • SoldTogether
    • Testimonials
  • Askit module added

Argento M2

13th July 2016

Additional Magento 2.1 compatibility

Fixed issues with: Core, EasySlide, SoldTogether, EasyBanners, Prolabels.

Argento M2

7th July 2016

Fixed issues with Core, EasySlide, SoldTogether, EasyBanners and Prolabels modules.

Argento M2 0.9.1

5th July 2016

Upgrade Instructions

Magento 2.0.* versions are no longer supported.

Please update to Magento to 2.1 or newer to use latest Argento.

List of Included Themes

Theme Version
Argento Essence 0.9.2
Argento Blank 0.8.5

Fixes and Improvements

  • Removed deprecated css fixes for tablet devices:
    • Added Accordion style to Layered navigation
    • Better Layered Navigation positioning for small tablets
  • Homepage products count in sidebar blocks decreased to 2
  • Fixed missing top border in product listing toolbar elements

Extensions Updates

All extensions updated according to Magento 2.1 version.

  • All Modules
    • ACL fixes
    • Magento 2.1 compatibility
  • Soldtogether
    • Slick Carousel added to Customers Also Bought block
  • Easy Catalog Images
    • Fixed error with missing Thumbnail class
  • EasyTabs
    • Fixed missing js component in review tab
  • Core
    • Added AdminNotification to be in touch with latest swissup updates

Argento M2 0.9.0

27th May 2016

Important Notice

This release breaks compatibility with previous Argento version because of new Boostrap powered grid system, that replaces a bit buggy previous grid realization.

In order to use new Argento version, you need to:

New Argento is shipped toghether with Swissup Module Manager, that could help you to keep Swissup modules up to date and install Argento Theme in a few clicks.

New Extensions

Extensions Updates

  • All Modules
    • Dependency injection compilation errors fixed
  • Ajax Search
    • Improved dropdown styles
    • Added animation loader, when ajax request is processing
    • Fixed search field toggler on tablet devices
  • Easy Catalog Images
    • Fixed broken page when placeholder is not deployed into pub/static
  • Easytabs
    • Fixed broken backend interface on initial load on some linux servers
  • Facebook Like button
    • Fixed frontend error, when config is not saved

Theme styles improvements

  • General
    • Bootstrap powered 12 columns grid added
    • Bootstrap responsive utilites added
    • Bootstrap responsive embed added
    • Bootstrap grid utilized to organize footer content
    • Cms content added aside to logo
  • Homepage changes
    • Bootstrap grid utilized to organize content
    • Banner blocks replaced with Easybanner placeholders
    • Easyslider styles improvements
    • Brands slider manual scrolling fixed
    • All content is properly aligned with theme dimensions
  • Product Listing
    • Fixed list mode styles
    • Grid mode styles improved
    • Widget styles improved

Argento M2 0.8.1

4th April 2016

  • Magento 2 template initial release