Magento 2. Create custom category page with Category builder.

by Peter D.

To create a custom category page in Magento 2, you can use the Category Builder feature available for all Argento themes.

Please note that you can also change the Magento 2 page layout by creating a custom theme.

The Category Page builder is a set of options that make it easier to change the page layout, the product list look, etc. Go to Swissup - Theme Editor. Choose the template and check how the category builder works.

magento 2 create custom category page

Within a builder, you can change the values for:

  • category page layout - 1 column, two columns (left sidebar), two columns (right sidebar), 3 columns.
  • width of the main content
  • category description position
  • layered navigation position
  • product list mode - grid only, list only, grid (default/ List), list (default /Grid).

After making customizations, you can preview the new custom catalog page right in the admin.

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