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With Argento, you create not just an ecommerce website, but also an exciting customer experience that drives conversion. Are you ready to shift your online business into high gear?

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Be inspired with 7 designs within one theme

We developed 7 unique designs for engaging visual experience. Argento theme adheres to web design best practices, thus you get flat design that focuses visitors attention on the website content. Argento is a responsive template that looks perfectly on every device and on any size screen. The combination of these powerful design trends has a huge impact on time spent on your website.


Optimize your website for search, speed and traffic

Argento theme is fully optimized for SEO and page load speed. Our template is written in accordance with strict SEO guidelines that help your website generate traffic. With Argento you get SEO-friendly URL structure and HTML improvements for your website.

Optimize your website

Get the most out of your website

Get Argento installed without paying any extra fee. We provide you with simple installation process. Using our 1-click theme installer you will start with ready-to-use design in a minute. Our developers can also install Argento for you for free.

Start to build reputation

Streamline your website using extensions worth 994$

Bring a product discovery process to the next level. With all built-in extensions you receive superior features, versatile configuration, intuitive admin interface. That makes Argento fit to highly-customized store. Stop searching Magento extension you need - use the following ones to enhance every aspect of your ecommerce store.Rich Snippets, Ajax Pro, Ajax Search and Autocomplete, Product Labels, Sold Together, Navigation Pro, Suggest Page, Product Questions, Easy Banners, Product Tabs, Image Slider, Lightbox Pro, Easy Catalog Images, Highlight, Testimonials, Attributes and Brands Pages, Facebook Like Button, Review Reminder.

Get three dozens of extensions

Have good experience with Argento support

We are always ready to help you whatever you need using Argento. In case you have question regarding Magento, you can also rely on our team. With a template you get small customisation package that allows you to get a look you love. Let us help you change the logo, basic colors or the default text information for you for free. Trust our support team and focus on building your website instead of fixing issues.

Best theme I have used

Magento Page builder

We integrated the Page Builder extension with all Argento themes and built-in modules. That makes it easier for you to build brand new blocks and pages. That becomes possible to edit CMS pages and blocks directly at the front-end. The extension includes a quick filter on the section tree and a code editor with a syntax highlighter and image uploader. Despite the beta version of the editor, we update it every month with new features.

Page builder

Easy Installation and updates with marketplace module

Argento installation is available via the Marketplace module. It automates a bunch of complex commands required to run before and after module installation. The module simplifies the after-installation tasks. With Argento you get a fast, safe, and accurate installation method directly from the admin panel. You will have to work with a command line and Magento 2 backend interfaces.

Easy Installation and updates

Elements page

Argento theme includes the Elements Page. This is a valuable included tool that simplifies creating engaging content on CMS pages and product pages. It includes pre-designed widgets and HTML blocks. As a model, you can consider Text Block with Big Icons, Pricing Block, Product with a short information, Testimonials, Product slider, Image Gallery. Plus many more pre-built blocks. With every block, you receive a code syntax highlighter. For now, the feature is available for 3 Argento themes. We will add it to all designs soon.

Add unique content

Header editor

All Argento themes include a configurable header in the theme editor. It makes it possible to replace the default Magento 2 header with a brand new one. You can change the position of some forms, remove blocks, edit the columns settings, assign CSS classes, etc. The editor’s drag-and-drop interface simplifies customizing the header layout. Right after you make changes, you can check your header look via the Preview feature.

Customize the header

Category page editor

All Argento themes include the Category Page builder. It helps to edit the category page look. You can choose up to 5 values for the catalog page layout. You can set the content width, determine the number of products to be shown, change the position for description. You can change the product list display. There is a preview feature right in the admin.

Create custom catalog page

Products page editor

All Argento themes have the Product Page builder. With the builder, it's easier to modify the product page layout. It’s possible to change the page content width, edit the width of the image block, and of the block with main product information. 4 values of image thumbnail position. 3 values for the “Add to cart form” position. 3 values for product tabs layout: collapsed tabs, expanded tabs, accordion.

Create custom product page

RTL support

Argento template is one of the top RTL themes for Magento 2. It provides an opportunity to bring a great experience for customers using Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, Urdu, Dhivehi, Mende, Manding, and Fula languages. Argento automatically converts your store into RTL-friendly once you choose your local language during creating a website. Our theme has improved animation for navigation at RTL stores on mobile devices.

RTL Support

Typography page

The Argento typography page can be your starting point for inspiration. To feature the possible use of typography, we created a separate page for every single Argento theme. It will help you to easily create your own design in minutes. Our beautiful typography page includes a well-arranged selection of fonts, tables, tabs, buttons. You can choose your own style to introduce your store content in the best possible way.

Typography page

Easy to customise

Argento theme is famous for its high customization flexibility. It is possible to build custom themes and subthemes without modification of core template files. Our premium Magento 2 template includes a Theme editor and builders for the header, category, and product pages. We provide you with clear instructions on how to create a custom CSS file. It will be easy then to change CSS styles and the page layout. You will be able to create effective color combinations for the homepage, product links, product tabs. Our template allows for using CSS helpers and plenty of included variables.

Easy to customise

Multi Language support

Argento template is a multilingual Magento 2 theme. The multiple languages support is a highly required option for a successful eCommerce website. When creating a multi-language store, you can use 16 locales. Chinese. Dutch. Polish. Portuguese. Ukrainian. Spanish. Norwegian. Italian. French. English. German. Russian. Arabic. Hebrew. Japanese. Swedish. The new translation will be applied to all Argento themes and built-in modules.

Multi Language support

Over 5000+ stores use Argento theme

With any Argento license you'll get one month of free outstanding support and free theme installation services. Our support team is top-expert when it comes to making our clients happy.

4.95 out of 5 based on 115 ratings. Argento Theme

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