56+ Free Magento 1 and Magento 2 themes collection for 2021

Explore the latest list of free alternatives for Argento theme. You can see free themes both for Magento 1 and Magento 2. Choose from 56 templates in order to use them in stores selling apparel, medicines, hardware, electronics, watches, jewelry, books, sport goods, etc.

Magento1 Magento2
Absolute for Magento 2

Free Magento 2.3 theme, multipurpose, responsive theme. This actually multipurpose theme will be suitable to any kind of store. You’ve got a theme editor, slick carousel and simple installation via module installer. The template includes 2 modules: Font Awesome and Slick Carousel.

magento2 electronics multicolor responsive slider

Fashion, multipurpose, responsive theme. It is a beautiful Magento 2 theme with big set of features: amazing slider, custom page design, top drop down navigation menu, configurable swatches and carousel product listing.

magento2 fashion responsive fullwidth
Ves Yume

Kids store, fashion, responsive theme. This free Magento 2.3 template will help you to welcome your shoppers with catchy design and bright colors. Among features you can see off canvas menu and header link, ajax cart and checkout improvements.

magento2 kids responsive fullwidth
Ketty beta

Fashion, responsive theme. Magento 2 template is featured with custom promotional slider, Retina images, configurable swatches, ajax shopping cart support and improved checkout.

magento2 slider responsive fullwidth
EM Necessary

Apparel, watches, multipurpose, responsive theme. Magento 2 theme comes with attractive fullwidth banner, 3 banners under slideshow and brands slider quickly lead a customer to the desired product. There are also social icons in footer, payment logos, 8 widgets, quick view, ajax add to cart, built-in product labels extension.

magento2 watches slider fullwidth
Ves Fasony

Fashion, responsive theme. Magento 2 template is built with Bootstrap 3.x. Besides, many helpful features are included such as brand carousel, responsive off canvas mega menu, touch optimised slideshow and improved new products block on the homepage.

magento2 fashion responsive fullwidth
Ves Need

Beauty, glasses, fashion, responsive theme. With this Magento 2 theme you receive a mobile theme-touch optimized slider, off canvas menu, fast checkout, product list carousel and navigation drop down menu.

magento2 glasses responsive fullwidth
Ves Kasitoo

Furniture, decor, fashion, responsive theme. The homepage of a theme has a lot of white space, which makes it easier for the visitors to concentrate on site products. There are also touch optimized deal products carousel, product tabs carousel and off canvas menu. Magento 2.

magento2 furniture responsive fullwidth

Electronics, hardware, multipurpose, responsive theme. The Magento 2 template includes "Sold Out" and "Scroll to top" modules. Among other features you can see blog and brand owl carousel, offcanvas menu, new/featured product list and ready to use static blocks.

magento2 electronics responsive fullwidth

Mobile devices, fashion, bags, shoes or accessories, responsive theme. Magento 2 template comes with slideshow on the homepage. Other features are the following: featured product list, off canvas menu, auto install demo content.

magento2 fashion responsive fullwidth
Absolute for Magento 1

Magento 1.3—1.8.1, multipurpose, responsive theme. Theme is available in 10 colors, that is perfect suitable for different kind of stores. It comes with product preview module, featured product slider. The template is quite easy to customise.

magento1 computer multicolor slider fullwidth
Fit Body

Magento 1.9, sportive goods, medicine, multipurpose, responsive theme. Theme is coming with slider and nice parallax effects.

magento1 parallax responsive fullwidth
SM Glasses

Magento 1.7, watches, jewelry, responsive theme. The template is based on Black and White background. The homepage is featured with 2 menu types, banner with brands, social icons, featured products block. You can also show featured products block on category page sidebar.

magento1 watches jewelry fullwidth
Clothes store

Clothes store Magento 1.9, fashion, apparel, responsive theme. The template will help you to attract visitors with parallax scrolling, mega menu, background video, animated pictures and full-width sliders.

magento1 apparel parallax fullwidth
Handy store

Magento 1.9, building materials, doors, furniture, responsive theme. With a theme you’ve got a bootstrap 3 support and featured products block on the homepage.

magento1 furniture responsive fullwidth
Ves Bakerop

Magento 1.9, bakery, supermarket, food related website, responsive theme. This theme is designed with chocolate colors and enriched with slider, quick view feature, brands display on the homepage, countdown timer. Theme is multilingual and RTL ready. Comes with live theme editor.

magento1 bakery food fullwidth

Magento 1.7—1.9, electronics, furniture, responsive theme. The template comes with featured products slider, improved navigation in the top menu and magento standard drop down layered navigation. Slideshow module is included.

magento1 electronics furniture fullwidth

Magento 1.7, supermarket, food related stores, responsive theme. Theme comes with attractive banner on the homepage. It also allows you to categorize different store offerings in 3 content blocks under the slider. It will make the navigation much easier.

magento1 food responsive fullwidth

Magento 1.4—1.9, toys store, apparel, books, multipurpose, responsive theme. The template includes 8 extensions. It also provides you with friendly search and autosuggestion and hover effects top menu.

magento1 toys books fullwidth

Magento 1.5—1.9.2, fashion, jewelry, responsive theme. The template comes with RTL support, 3 different designs of grid view and mega menu.

magento1 jewelry megamenu fullwidth

Magento 1.5—1.9, electronics, books, responsive theme. Twitter Bootstrap 3 is included. You can see a lot of static blocks on the homepage that allows you to show helpful information about your products.

magento1 electronics bootstrap fullwidth

Magento up 1.9, sport goods, cycling, responsive theme. Theme is available in 5 colors: red, blue, green, yellow and violet. The slick mega menu with support of custom blocks will make the navigation through your website easier than ever.

magento1 sport multicolor fullwidth
Access shop

Multipurpose, responsive theme. Among features you can see featured product slider, brands logo carousel, slider with animation, promotional banners, sidebar category navigation.

magento1 slider responsive fullwidth
Shoe store

Shoes, fashion, responsive theme. Template files were recoded by using grid Bootstrap rules. There are also product zoom with backend settings, back to top button, product next and previous view.

magento1 fashion bootstrap fullwidth
mApple Iphone

Magento 1.4—1.7, multipurpose, mobile theme. Fast loaded template supports Iphone, Ipad, Blackberry, Android OS, and Windows Phone. You can easily customize it with PSD files which are included in the package.

magento1 mobile responsive fullwidth
mEbay Iphone

Magento 1.4—1.7,multipurpose, mobile theme. The template will look perfectly both on desktop and mobile. Multi store and multilingual support.

magento1 mobile responsive fullwidth

Magento 1.9, furniture, decor, responsive theme. The template supports Bootstrap 3 features. The homepage contains 4 attractive blocks with suggested furniture for every room in your home. You can also see new products offering with catchy labels.

magento1 furniture bootstrap fullwidth

Magento 1.9, home, interior, responsive theme. With this theme you receive elegant look and very informative homepage. There are a banner, blocks with store services, sidebar navigation and featured products listing.

magento1 interior responsive fullwidth
Cozy home

Magento 1.9.0, decor, furniture, multipurpose, responsive theme. You can see a lot of useful and interesting information directly on homepage: amazing banner, newsletter checkbox, social media buttons, today’s deals, new products listing and category navigation in a sidebar.

magento1 furniture responsive fullwidth

Magento 1.9.0, sport goods, responsive theme. There is a lot of white space on the homepage, so you can place big product collection right there.

magento1 sport responsive fullwidth
Gala Eva

Magento 1.7—1.8 fashion, responsive theme. Among features you can see amazing image slideshow, 20 transition effects support, latest products slider.

magento1 fashion responsive fullwidth
Buzz Intro

Magento 1.4—1.9, type electronics, multipurpose, responsive theme. There are featured products list and banner slider on the homepage. Friendly-designed product page comes social network buttons and responsive zoom.

magento1 electronics responsive fullwidth
Watch Store

Magento 1.4—1.9, type watches, accessories, responsive theme. You can see new and special products, manufacturer logo, brand slider and social media buttons directly on the homepage.

magento1 watches responsive fullwidth
Digital world

Magento 1.4—1.9, electronics, computer, camera, responsive theme. Theme includes integrated product tabs, social sharing feature, banner slider, featured products list, custom toolbar on a category page and responsive product zoom.

magento1 electronics responsive fullwidth
Go Camping

Magento 1.5—1.9, camping furniture, responsive theme. Among features you can see Twitter Bootstrap 3.0, slideshow banner, featured product slider and shop by manufacturers/brands module.

magento1 furniture bootstrap fullwidth
Fishing store

Magento 1.4—1.8, fishing related products, responsive theme. Designed with dark background, this theme includes nice zoom on a product page, Testimonials and Advanced review module, custom toolbar for category page and Banner slider module with 3 types of displaying banner slider.

magento1 fishing responsive fullwidth
Computer store

Magento 1.5—1.9, computer, electronics, responsive theme. Among features you can see flexible navigation menu, Product slider and Quick view modules. The is featured with gray and orange colors.

magento1 electronics computer fullwidth

Magento 1.8, fashion, apparel, jewelry, lingerie, responsive theme. The template comes with eye-catching banners with hover effects, attractive product landing page designs, advance search and social media integration.

magento1 fashion lingerie fullwidth

Magento 1.7—1.9.2 responsive theme. This stylish theme will help you to highlight your products with bright colors, configurable fonts and three sliders: bestseller, featured and graphic slider.

magento1 slider responsive fullwidth

Magento 1.7—1.9.2, responsive theme. You can use this theme with elegant look and clean design in any kind of store. There are banner and features products listing on the homepage.

magento1 minimalistic responsive fullwidth

Magento 1.7—1.9.2, beauty, apparel, multipurpose, responsive theme. You can show best selling and other featured products on the homepage. There are also slider with brands and attractive banner.

magento1 apparel beauty fullwidth

Magento 1.9.1 apparel, multipurpose theme. With this theme you’ve got an appealing banner, category navigation in a sidebar, new and featured products listing on the homepage.

magento1 apparel responsive fullwidth

Magento 1.5—1.9, multipurpose theme. The template includes 3 extra layout and template files. You can see an informative banner, latest products and special offers blocks on the homepage.

magento1 minimalistic responsive fullwidth

Magento 1.3—1.9, multipurpose theme. This free theme is available in 10 colors, that perfectly fits your company personality. The Advanced extension is also included.

magento1 fashion multicolor electronics fullwidth
Ot Ante

Magento 1.7—1.8, multipurpose theme. Among features you can see banners and custom blocks, brands slider, shopping cart content, featured products listing.

magento1 slider responsive fullwidth
MP Toolshop

Magento 1.4—1.9, tools, electronics theme. This template with high-tech design enables the amazing slideshow and promotional banners directly on the homepage.

magento1 electronics tools fullwidth

Magento 1.4—1.9, fashion, beauty theme. Theme comes with custom menu, 3 layouts for categories on homepage, 3 included modules and 5 backgrounds: blue, gray, white, flowers, neutral.

magento1 fashion multicolor fullwidth
Woman fashion

Fashion, beauty theme. Among features you can see sale banners, grid product view with 3 different designs, featured products list on the homepage and social media links in footer.

magento1 fashion beauty fullwidth
EM computer

Magento 1.4 computer, electronics theme. Created with high-tech design in mind, the template allows you to place amazing slideshow with computer items and show featured products directly on the homepage.

magento1 computer electronics fullwidth
GM Purity

Magento 1.7 multipurpose theme. This brightful template will suite any kind of store. Mega menu extension is included.

magento1 electronics computer fullwidth

Magento 1.4—1.9, apparel, toys, kids, makeup, school/office theme. Theme is available in 4 color variations: blue, light grey, white, blue flowers. You can also see a banner and best selling products block.

magento1 kids multicolor toys fullwidth
MP fafree

Magento 1.5—1.9, fashion theme. There are footer spotlight 3 columns for display useful information on the homepage, video box designed category gage and Google fonts news cycle integrated.

magento1 fashion responsive fullwidth
Wine shop

Magento 1.6—1.8, wine theme. This awesome template comes with flexible layout: 2 columns with left sidebar, 2 columns with right sidebar, 3 columns layout. You can also see the horizontal menu with drop-down submenus. Theme supports 6 widgets.

magento1 wine responsive fullwidth

Magento 1.4—1.8, fashion, multipurpose theme. Dark background theme will definitely impress you. Among features you can see the vertical product/categories menu, newsletter sign-up block, most popular products block, home page banner, shopping cart sidebar and customer service block.

magento1 dark fashion responsive fullwidth