Magento 1. Pure 2.0 Product Page

by Peter D.


Pure 2.0 is using page_two_columns_right layout for the product page. To change it to another one, create custom.xml file and add the following instruction:

    <update handle="page_two_columns_left"/>

Possible values for handle variable:



Brand information

Brand Information

Brand information block is powered by AttributePages module and displays image linked with product manufacturer attribute.

To make this block active, you should create Attributepage for the manufacturer attribute at Templates-Master > Attribute Pages > Manage Pages and upload images for every attribute option.

You can edit this block at Cms > Static Blocks. See the product_sidebar block contents:

{{block type="attributepages/product_option" template="tm/attributepages/product/options.phtml" width="180" height="90" use_image="1" image_type="image" use_link="1" attribute_code="manufacturer" css_class="hidden-label"}}

You can also create attribute page for any other attribute. In this case you will need to change part of the widget code above:

Replace attribute_code="manufacturer" with attribute_code="attribute_code"

Services sidebar

Services Sidebar

Services sidebar block is a simple cms block powered with FontAwesome icons.

You can edit this block at Cms > Static Blocks.

See the services_sidebar block contents. You can use any icon from FontAwesome set

Here is the sample of how the delivery icon is coded:

<span class="fa-stack fa-2x icons-primary">
    <i class="fa fa-circle fa-stack-2x"></i>
    <i class="fa fa-truck fa-stack-1x fa-inverse"></i>



Product Image

Product image and gallery is powered by LightboxPro module, that has a lot of configuration optins at System > Configuration > Template-Master > LightboxPro section.

It allow you to configure the following options:

  • Image dimensions
  • Gallery controls
  • Overlay settings
  • Popup settings


Catalog Configurable Swatches

Catalog Configurable Swatches - is a standard Magento feature since 1.9.1, which is fully integrated with the following Argento modules:

  • AjaxPro
  • AjaxSearch
  • LightboxPro

You can read this great tutorial by sherodesigns about color swatches configuration.



Argento tabs is powered by EasyTabs module. You can add or remove additional tabs from Templates-Master > Easy Tabs page.

The following tabs are shown by default:

  • Product Description
  • Additional Information
  • Tags
  • Reviews
  • Questions

All of these tabs are standard Magento features except Questions. It’s a AskIt powered block.

This block is very handy for customers that are not sure about the product or sevices and have some questions to ask.

Soldtogether blocks

Soldtogether powered blocks. You can customize these blocks from System > Configuration > Tempaltes-Master > SoldTogether section.

Configuration provides the following options:

  • Products count
  • Columns count
  • Amazon style for Frequently bought together block
Frequently bought together

System > Configuration > Tempaltes-Master > SoldTogether > Frequently Bought Together

Frequently bought together

Customers who bought this item also bought

System > Configuration > Tempaltes-Master > SoldTogether > Customer Bought Together

Customers who bought this item also bought

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