Breeze module with Argento theme. Benefits of using.

by Peter D.

Benefits of using the Breeze module with Argento theme.

What is Breeze?

This is the module that creates the fastest frontend for your Magento 2 store.

This is accomplished by replacing JS scripts with simplified versions. When installing the module, it removes all custom and third-party scripts. Thereby, the Breeze enables an alternative JS frontend at your site.

When installed, the module brings so many benefits:

  • Makes your store pages lightweight. The page weight affects site speed, thus with the module, you reduce Magento 2 page load time.
  • Get your site to the top of the search. Breeze addresses the speed issues, and thus creates fast loading websites. That will be highly estimated by the Google page ranking algorithm.
  • Lowers the bounce rate. With the improved score on Google PageSpeed Insights and higher ranks, your store keeps your visitors engaged.
  • Increase your sales. Cutting page load time results in improved customer experience. It leads to raised credibility, repeat clients, and increased sales afterward.

Important notice

Argento theme has been compatible with the Breeze module since the 1.22.8 release. With enabled Page Speed and Breeze modules, we achieved 80+ on mobile performance on Google PageSpeed Insights.

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