Argento 1.5.3 release details

16th October 2014

Upgrade instruction detailed description about CSS backend are avaialbe at Argento 1.5.3 update page.

A few screenshots that demonstrate 1.5.2 vs 1.5.3 on display with high pixel ratio (retina display)

Retina screen optimization
  • All backgrounds and icons replaced with [FontAwesome]( and double sized images
  • Double sized product images will be automatically served for devices with high device-pixel-ratio value
  • Double sized logo added. See the [upgrade instructions]
  • Photoswipe gallery is used for small screen devices instead of LightboxPro
  • Removed rewrite of footer block by ArgentoMall theme
  • Welcome message updated to be compatible with Lesti_Fpc out of the box
  • Prolabels made css3 based by default
GMetrix optimization
  • Double sized images will be served for devices with high device-pixel-ratio value only
  • Seven background images where removed
  • Fixed theme inheritance, when _custom theme is used
  • Removed quickshopping incompatible style
  • css fix for more product button background
  • Fixed issue with z-index and "Rememder me" popup
  • Advanced search results page title added
  • Small css improvements
  • Fixed Fooman_SpeedsterAdvanced compatibility
Testimonials module addedAjaxPro
  • Fixed IE compatibility
  • Improved logic to work with configurable products in some cases
  • Questions url changed to `questions`
  • Captcha was added
  • `getCount` method fixed
  • TM_Cdn integration
  • Retina screen ready
  • Fixed magento caused bug with duplicated block
  • Object tag added to skipped list during strip_tags
  • Added new option that allows to disable anchors on tabs
  • Added tabs reaction on back and forward buttons, if anchors are used
  • Fixed final price detection on category page
  • Added ability to use the css3 based label instead of background image
  • Fixed label for free products
Also the AjaxSearch, Attributepages, Easycatalogmg, Highlight modules where updated to the latest version