Argento 1.3.0 release details

14th August 2013

Upgrade instruction detailed description about CSS backend are avaialbe at Argento 1.3 update page.

Argento update

  • Fixed displaying of decimal quantities in header cart
  • Removed overriding of customer.xml layout
  • Css styles was refactored. Duplicate code removed.
  • Automatic inclusion of custom.css file from active theme skin folder
Backend configuration for theme styles added
  • Background
  • Top navigation
  • Buttons (ArgentoPure only)
  • Tabs
  • Fonts
  • Additional custom css
  • Ability to add additional head links (Google fonts for example)
  • Easy tabs 2.0 integrated
  • Fixed search form submit by clicking the search button
  • ajaxpro compatibility fixed
  • Fixed wishlist link for secure pages
  • Currency code added to cache key
  • Fixed building of product url, when category path in product url is disabled from backend
  • Fixed filtering of the one day only available products
  • Fixed filtering of products on suggestpage
  • Fixed price formatting for amazon style template
  • Notifier filter by news channel added
  • Magento 1.4 compatibility added