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The best Magento theme available.

I already left a review on this theme, but am so in love with this theme, and support i feel compelled to reiterate just how awesome this theme is. If you want a professional theme that looks good on any platform, look no further. I have used most of Peters premium themes, and they are all great... But this one is the future of the web. Google is giving responsive sites more authority in the rankings. There are a few other responsive themes available, but they dont come close to Argento. And Peters support is a double layer of icing on the cake. Nowhere on the web will you find a better theme packed with this many extensions and this level of support... Im completely blown away. Buy this theme and you will not regret it.


Mike E


Another Excellent Theme by TM

Another Excellent theme by Templates-Master. This one comes with many of their top notch revenue driving extensions as well. Templates-Master installed and configured for me on a copy of my site and seamlessly moved it over to my live server without skipping a beat. I cannot say enough about the service you get from Peter. Just makes everything smooth and worry free.. Overall Im very happy with this theme. Some people mentioned the $25 / mo support fee... Let me tell you its worth every penny. Im going to gladly keep paying it because Peter is extremely helpful, makes a great product and is swift in his replies. Its a wise investment for any business to have him and his team behind you.




Argento template is packed with feature rich extensions

Argento template is packed with feature rich extensions that can really help with the look and setup of the way you want your store to look. The developer Peter is very skilled with the magento platform, to be honest i think he can fix and develop anything, he is that good. His support is fantastic and is the best i have ever experienced, he solves any problems or concerns that you may have very quickly if you post a question on his support site. he keeps you updated on his progress every step of the way.
The template looks great and you can tweak it to your liking using the many features available with this template and the support on offer, and it also responds very quickly on any platform.
The only down side to the template is that it is only available on a license and subscription fee basis, you pay a one off license fee of $125 and then you have a monthly subscription fee of $25 a month to pay monthly, this may put a lot of people off because if you cancel your subscription then basically you are cancelling your support also, and the only way to get support again is to buy the full package again which will cost you $125. If you do cancel your subscription Your license will still be valid but you will not be qualified for support and updates, i think a better option would of been to make the Template price much higher with free updates as this would of been my prefered option.....
But the good point is the developers support is fantastic and he certainly knows his way around the magento system, so if you do run into problems he will sort them out very quickly for you..




Probably the best template for Magento!

This is a whole new story!
Trying several other templates for Magento since version 1.4 makes us see that Argento is far ahead.
It's an awesome product, neat, clean, contemporary and packed with cool features on every step. Really something refreshing.
We receive Wow! from customers every day.
Thank you, TemplatesMaster also for true fanatic support :)

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