Magento 2. Stripes product page

by Peter D.


Argento Stripes uses a 1column layout for the product page. Follow our customization guide to learn how to change Magento 2 layout. You can also use Product page Builder in Theme Editor to update the Argento Stripes product page layout.

Add to Cart Form

magento 2 custom product page

The quantity field is hidden on Stripes product page by default. Yet you can still make it visible.

There are two ways:

content_copy@product-qty-field__hide: false; 

As a result, you will enable the quantity field. That will allow users to change the product quantity on the product page.

magento 2 custom product page


magento 2 product questions block

The product questions block is powered by Askit module. Visit the module page to learn more.

Sold Together blocks

magento 2 customer who bought block

You can customize these blocks at Stores > Configuration > Swissup > SoldTogether section. The blocks are powered by Sold Together module. Visit the module page to learn more.

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