Argento theme installation for Magento 1

Step #1: Preparation

  1. Disable of your store compillation mode.
  2. Enable your store cache.
  3. Upload files from "argento v.x.x.x - upload part 1" to your Magento store folder.
  4. Upload files from "argento v.x.x.x - upload part 2" to your Magento store folder.
  5. Refresh your store cache

Step #2: Activation and running theme installer

  1. Return to your store and go to Admin > Templates Master > Modules. Then select theme you want to install. For example default Argento theme have code Argento_Argento and Pure has code Argento_Pure.

  2. After that please select storeviews where you want to install template at.

  3. You will need license key in order to install or upgrade template. Please click link "Get your identity key at". You will be redirected to Argento site and you will be able to get your key there.

  4. While you are at Argento site you should activate your theme for your store domain. Please click Activation information and add your domain to your license.

  5. You should now return to theme installation screen and paste your license key and click run installation and wait till all steps will be completed. Argento installer will create all static blocks, cms page and set module configuration in order to make your store look like our demo. Please notice it will not create and sample categories or products.

  6. In order to refresh your store admin access rights you should log out from admin and then login back. That will refresh your admin user permissions.
  7. Now you can configure theme according to your needs. You can find detailed information how to use and modify out theme at Argento manual.