Argento 1.5.2 release details

24th July 2014

Upgrade instruction detailed description about CSS backend are avaialbe at Argento 1.5.2 update page.

Argento improvements and fixes

Category page on mobile devices

Recently viewed products

Easytab dynamic titles

  • Click for price styles for small devices
  • Missing easycatalogimg styles added
  • Homepage tabs improved for pure theme
  • Doctype changed to html5
  • New stylish floatbar navigation for mobile devices
  • Grid listing improvements for mobile devices
  • Added long category description collapsing.
  • Product page improvements for mobile devices
  • Added images to recently viewed block
  • Added add to cart button to the upsell products
  • All email input fields now uses the email type to make easier to use with mobile keyboard
  • Added additional customizable configurations for the Argento theme
New Core Features
  • Added ability to include custom.js file.
  • Added ability to include custom.xml file.
  • Attributepages compatibility
  • Click for price feature fixes
  • Added support for ajax loaded products with 'More Products' button
  • Lightbox and Awesomebar banners added with new filters
  • Added target option for eash slide
  • New dynamic titles with review, question and tag count
  • Click for price on highlight page fix
  • Fixed discount calculating for catalog price rules in product page