Argento 1.5.0 release details

16th April 2014

Argento update
  • ArgentoMall theme added
  • Left and right columns moved below the main column for mobile devices
  • Product image size increased in list listing
  • Original, not resized product image is now used for lightbox popup
  • Unable to apply font color to the top navigation fixed
  • Ability to override any argento css/templates with custom folder
  • Missing images added to skin folder
  • Fixed bug when & is not rendered as & in category combobox
  • Many css fixes and refactorings:
    • Responsive video and slider styles added
    • Improved Easycatalogimg styles for the homepage
    • Wide price block on product page
    • Q-ty input issue for pure theme
    • Advanced search form styles
    • Footer toolbar styles
    • AjaxPro 'More products' button
Argento Argento
  • Buttons styles rewritten to use the css gradients instead of image
  • Added ability to set the background for navigation block
  • Unicode support was updated
  • Added ability to hide categories in combobox
  • Config was refactored
  • Translations updated
  • Small styles improvements
  • Fixed bug when & is not rendered as &
Attribute pages
  • Improved router logic for multistore setup and disabled pages
  • Fixed blocks logic to remove page duplicates in multistore mode
  • Group by first letter made case insensitive
  • Magento EE layered filters compatibility
  • Fixed layered filter by category with attribute
  • Fixed reset layered filter by category
  • Fixed ACL rule paths
  • Fixed page routing, when single/doublequote is used in url
  • Slider description now can render magento variables, widgets, etc.
  • Backend menu moved to Templates-Master submenu.
  • Backend url is now using the admin prefix
  • Templates and resources moved to base folder
  • Glider object renamed to Easyslider
  • Added support for customer added tabs without _tabbed suffix
  • Added check for empty content before output to prevent rendering empty tabs
  • Added form_key and uenc support with cache enabled
  • Missing variables added to abstract class
  • Added translation to page title of highlight page
  • Bestsellers and popular collection query made compatible with getAllIds query
  • Added missing message block to the highlight page
Navigation Pro
  • Added form_key and uenc support when cache is enabled for child widgets
  • Translations included to the frontend
  • isSecure flag added to menu cache key
  • Fixed dropdown content rendering for the category without children
  • Module sort order updated
Sold together
  • Added price with/without tax support in amazon style list
  • Fixed total recalculations, when discount is available
  • Fixed price parsing for specific locales
  • Filter/Sorting by weight fixed in backend
  • Module sort order updated