Magento extensions list

Have a look on the list of extensions that are part of Argento theme package for Magento 1.x. All the modules work right out of the box. No need to buy extra modules thus you have ideal opportunity to save money. In case you don't need some modules - you can disable them.

  1. Ajax Pro

    It is awesome time-tested extension! It allows users to add products to the cart and edit shopping cart content without page reload. Customers are provided with all actions for items compare and wish-list via fast AJAX actions. The module enables the Add to Cart form in any block of the page. The responsive design is supported. Moreover, the module allows you to display additional category products when user is scrolling to the end of the page. Right after clicking More Products button, other products will be auto-loaded at once.

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    The module costs 99$.

  2. Ajax Search

    Want to improve your web store usability? Help your customers to quickly find what they’re looking for. Try out the Auto Search and Autocomplete extension instead of Magento default search suggestion. Our ajax search module improves a store frontend with new great features. Flexible autocomplete search configuration will help you to refine the search suggest results in your magento store. Thus you can set the ajax search by such product’s attributes as: SKU, description, shape, price, status, manufactures, etc. If you’re running a store with large catalogs, the Ajax Search and Autocomplete is an essential module for you.

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    The module costs 29$.

  3. ProLabels


    Would you like to add eye-catching labels to store products easily and quickly? Check out the ProLabels module. It will help you to create an unlimited number of labels. The module provides you with 3 types of configurable labels for products with special price, featured products, new products and low stock items. You are also allowed to create custom labels based on different attributes values such product SKU, price or any other custom attribute. The use of special extension variables in label text is supported.

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    The module costs 99$.

  4. Easy Catalog Images

    Easy Catalog Images

    The Easy Catalog Images module is effective tool for improving both the usability and navigation in a store with large catalog of products. By using the extension, you can add subcategories listing on any page of your Magento store. You are also allowed to assign the image to categories and subcategories. The extension will help you to place the subcategories block by using widgets, xml code and default block code. The other great feature of the module is the creation of landing pages. You can add keywords and links to the category list, that will make your web-pages SEO-friendly.

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    The module is FREE.

  5. Attributes and Brands Pages

    Attributes and Brands Pages

    Allow your visitors start shopping by colors, brand or other product attributes. Our extension will help you to place additional menu in navigation drop-downs. It will bring clear searching experience to your customers. Our module allows you to add the attribute labels on the product page as well as on the category pages. The list of available methods and predefined values is supported. Brands Pages comes with 2 powerful widgets. Thereby you can place nice brand slider on any page of a store. The responsive design is supported. Using the widget you may create multiple attribute landing pages with rich content.

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    The module costs 99$.

  6. Easy Product Tabs

    Easy Product Tabs

    The extension allows you to replace the default magento system tabs with flexible and attractive tabs. Ready to use tabs such as description tab, reviews tab, products tags tab, additional information tab, upsell products tab, related products tab are already suggested. Easy Tabs extension also allows you to create unique custom tabs. You can put dynamic content into tabs. For instance, you can place the product questions block in the tab. This way your customers will find much more helpful information right on the product page without browsing the whole webstore. The responsive design is supported.

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    The module is FREE.

  7. Ask i

    Ask it

    Need to make your store more interactive? Allow your visitors to answer any question, post comments and participate in your store community. The extension is an easy way to show most popular products questions/answers and reduce the overall support. With a discussion block placed either on products or on category and any CMS page in your store you receive new user generated content which is so helpful for better ranking of your website. With a module you enable an unlimited discussion of each question. The extension supports RSS feed for products questions and the Akismet anti-spam service.

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    The module costs 89$.

  8. Sold Together

    Sold Together

    Try out the module as a professional assistant in cross-selling. Place the advanced Frequently Bought Together and Customers who bought also bought blocks on your product page and get more sales. With module cross-selling blocks you can easily offer your customers properly selected store items. Thus you will improve user shopping experience and increase total purchases in your web store. The extension includes a Suggest page module, that allows you to display the related and linked products on the suggest page after customers add the product to the cart. User friendly module interface simplifies managing related products.

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    The module costs 89$.

  9. Easy Banners

    Easy Banners

    Let’s make web-pages more inviting. Our module allows you to add attractive banners in a few clicks. You can place banners directly from Magento admin by using widgets. You can also create the unlimited number of placeholders. 9 predefined placeholders are already available. Using the extension you will be able to track banners performance. Easy to use interface provides you with an overview of banners' hits and clicks. The extension also allows you to set a promotional banner for specific customers’ groups only.

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    The module costs 79$.

  10. Products Highlight

    Products Highlight

    With Products Highlight extension you can show new, best selling or other special offerings of you store on the homepage as well as add custom blocks with featured products throughout the website. The module allows you to display custom products listing blocks based on number of products views, on special price attribute or even blocks which are new in your store admin. By using the extension, you will be able to place blocks via layout, cms, widgets, php code or with simple xml code. You are also allowed to add widget on CMS pages and static blocks.

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    The module costs 89$.

  11. #

    Image Slider

    The Image Slider extension will help you to create appealing image slideshow, that makes your store pages more welcome and remarkable. Our module enables the Nivo Slider animation options. 21 different nivo types of effect are supported. Using the module settings you can create an unlimited number of sliders. Thus you can place the description for each created slide and link the slide with any product in the store. This will help you to raise SEO rating of your website. The extension supports a responsive design.

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    The module costs 69$.

  12. #

    Navigation Pro

    Navigation Pro will help you to change the look and structure of navigation menu with ease. The module supports a use of the most popular Magento navigation types such as vertical static and drop-down menu, horizontal drop-down, static and folding menu. The extension allows you to add multiple dynamic navigation blocks. You can create separate categories tree for each store, store view or website, and apply different design changes for each category. The extension supports adding links each category you need. With our module you can add a static content to navigation blocks like a text or a banner.

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    The module costs 145$.

  13. #

    Easy Flags

    Running multilingual website? Want to bring the usability to higher level? Easy Flags is a required tool for you. The extension allows you to change the default Magento store switcher with nice flag buttons. Therefore the drop-down menu will be replaced with anchor links. Our module is also provided with complete flag icons collection.

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    The module is FREE.

  14. #


    Want to create engaging and interactive website? Let's involve users into conversation on your store pages. The Testimonials extension is a kind of invitation to post reviews about your website services. Using the module settings you can make changes to testimonials list and to submit form in order to make it more user friendly. You can also add testimonials and track testimonials' process directly from admin. Four Magento widgets are available. Multi store and a multi language configuration are supported.

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    The module is FREE.

  15. #

    Rich Snippets

    Expose your website in search results with rich snippets markup. Our extension is an efficient way both to draw new customer attention and increase the product pages visibility on SERPs. Snippets are a few lines of text that appear under every search result. The module enables the display of reviews, stock status, product price, author and breadcrumbs. By creating catchy snippets you trigger the CTR growth.

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    The module costs 39$.

  16. #

    Review Reminder

    Customer reviews are very important for running a successful business. With reviews you get attractive user generated content for better ranking, higher customer loyalty and increased traffic to your store. How to engage users post reviews? With Review Reminder extension you can create review reminders with ease. You can send reminder emails both for new and old orders as well as to send one reminder for a few orders. The reminder template is fully customizable. Learn how to send review reminders by cron or manually from backend.

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    The module costs 59$.

  17. #

    Facebook Like Button

    Spread a word about your website in the most popular social network. In order to promote products through Facebook you can use the Facebook Like Button extension. Once you have create an application on Facebook, you can start integrate Like and Share buttons with your magento website. Via the module configuration you may change the color, layout of the button as well as enable the display of user profile picture on the button. The module supports Open Graph protocol that helps the product title, image and description look amazing.

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    The module is FREE

  18. #

    Lightbox Pro

    Usability of a website and increased sales are closely related. With Lightbox Pro extension you can bring the usability to the highest level. Replacing the default image zoom with simple lightbox popup you will provide your customers with nice visual experience as well as highlight the product advantages. Using the module widgets you can both add a single product image and show the text in lightbox window. You could also create exciting image galleries and show the Youtube video in popup.

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    This module costs 69$.